top 10 things i miss about ashley...

Ashley has been in Charm City visiting her sister for the past week. She is taking a well-deserved vacation and getting to spend lots of time with family, friends, and two little nieces that she is crazy about.

While gone - I've been holding down the fort. Solo living is really boring. I run out of things to do really fast. Last night I was really lonely. I've been thinking, these are the things I miss about Ashley right now:

10. She laughs at my jokes. Life is really boring when you don't have any one to test your quality material with.
9. She smells so good. The house is going to smell like a bachelor pad when you get home - sorry honey.
8. She won't let me eat cereal more than 3-4 nights in a row. Left alone, I can't help myself.
7. She has a special way of teasing me that I really enjoy.
6. Saying goodbye to her in the morning. She's still in bed and I get to snuggle her and kiss her before I leave. I love that.
5. She gives me a hard time about not brushing my teeth until the afternoon on a Saturday. (Did it again!)
4. Television/movies aren't nearly as fun when you don't have anyone to relive them with
3. Giving her a hard time about not reading this book.
2. Snuggling
1. Having her next to me as I sleep. Sometimes I just like to put my hand on her side. It helps me sleep.


Sarah said...

Are you trying to win an award for world's sweetest husband or something? Cause you're doing a good job!

Clark said...

well. i have been nominated. it's between me and this guy but it's kind of up in the air as to who's going to win.

david said...

that was my evil twin who goes by my middle name.

Ryan said...

That was one degree too cute. Sorry buddy, had to call a spade a spade.

Alison said...

bah! not too cute! indulge the cute. people who are afraid of being too cute are missing out. LOVE IT. LOVE YOU, LOVE HER, LOVE BABY.

betsey said...

What a tender little post. I expect some sort of reciprical post from Ashley. You should too.

Craig said...


Hey what about this dream you had that i was in? I demand full disclosure.