our new backyard...

Haven't been there yet, but this is what it looks like.  I guess it's kinda like our back yard in Los Angeles.  I'm sure George won't even notice the difference.


big news

Ok gumshoes - I've got some trivia for you... can someone please tell me what these three images have in common?

Your clue - They all relate to our next place of residence. That's right, the Pulsipher's are moving. This may be old news to some of you, but we had to keep it on the DL until I had a chance to discuss the move with some of my clients from work. In exactly two weeks we'll be moving to our new home. We are incredibly excited, sad, anxious, nervous and optimistic. Upon hearing the news, one of our friends (a story board artist at Sony) whipped up this number to capture our journey.

We don't exactly know where we're living yet... but we (Ashley) has been diligently scouring the internet for leads. If you have any ideas or connections for us, we'd be glad to hear about it. In the mean time, we better get back to packing...

George, Ashley & David



I frequently have to rent cars. I have become incredibly well versed in the offerings of our neighborhood car rental companies, especially when it comes to the selection amongst the "budget" or "economy" class. No frills. Small. Manual windows. However - there is the random occasion when you book a budget car and there are none available. So, you typically get something a little bigger, a little more plush. A bigger Chevy. A bigger Kia. Even more rare are the times when not even the modest businessman's car is available, and you get the Michael Scott dream car.

Yes, the fine folk at Avis trusted me with my very own cherry red, Chrysler Sebring (convertible). Of course while driving it I looked like a guy about 15 years early on the mid-life crisis circuit. But it was all worth it when we saw this face:

George loved it. We started the car with the roof on, then pushed the magic button that begins the awkwardly elaborate process of retracting the roof. There is something so garish and... "look at me" about the retracting that really negates any coolness (if possible) left in the car.

Though we are happily a one car family - seeing George like it so much made me briefly wish we could live the high life of a convertible-owning family. Perhaps the novelty would wear off? I don't know, but I'm sure glad we got to pretend we were quasi-high rollers for a morning.