couple of days late...

Of all the Holiday themed salutations, I think "Seasons Greetings" is the most anemic.
Lots of pictures and fun when we return to California next week.

- The Pulsiphers


the birth of an embarrassing nickname

What is the definition of an embarrassing nickname - one that you are proud to use in the home, but you'd be reticent to let it be heard in use, in public.

Not sure if you've ever had an embarrassing nickname for your child, but this is the derivative path of one of ours.

Bub => Bubs => Bubby => Bubsy => Cousin Bubsy
Any embarrassing nickname's you have for your children, and how they came about?


just the good ole' boys

never meanin' no harm.
beats all you ever saw,
been in trouble with the law since the day they was born.