March Madness

So George is a bonafide two year old now... so I guess that means his tyrannical reign can begin.  But before it begins, we hope that he spares us... his humble subjects for a couple more months and allows us to bask in his sweetness.

George is a really sweet little guy and loves to give kisses and hugs.  He almost likes them as much as he likes to throw things off other things.

A couple of Saturdays ago we went on a fun little adventure-hike.  It was sunny out, so we went for a walk along one of Bozeman's many trails.  I'm really glad Ashley has a zest for going on adventures... Or I fear that I'd waste my days longing to do the things that Ashley actually makes happen.  That's why I love her.

Did I mention George likes to throw stuff.  Take a look on that mug and tell me it's not the profound satisfaction that comes from hurling objects into water from heights.

Ashley and I played an important role in supplying George with projectiles.  The problem that demand far exceeded supply in this case, and we were relegated to arming George with sticks, leaves, and anything else that could be unearthed from the frozen ground.

George admiring his work.  As a dad with bigtime baseball fever, I must admit my heart leaps with anticipation at the slightest glimpse of George favoring his left arm.  He definitely throws with both, but his left more often.  But just when I get those dollar bill signs in my eyes...

He goes double barrel on me and keeps me guessing.  Guess I still have a few years to wait on the verdict.

Did you guys hear that the moon was huge Last Saturday?  Here's the proof.  Ok, it's a crappy photo so what?  I'm really into astronomy and astronomical events.  I think I want to get a telescope.  Do any of you guys have one? If so... any advice for a nascent stargazer?

The other night we had Scott & Celia's crew over.  After exhausting the streaming netflix options, we all settled in for some delicious fun-fetti cupcakes and and some exhilarating games Ashley picked up at BYU.

The second day of spring here... marked THE toughest day I've had bike commuting since moving here.  Tons of wet, sticky snow.  My normal 20 minute commute took nearly 40 minutes. The plus side to this obviously is that it made some sweet fort snow.  Here George & Jackson summit Mt. Pulsipher.

Here is George looking all Reinhold Messner on top of Mt. Pulsipher.  Montana is pretty awesome, I'm not going to lie.  Even though there are challenges, I love that George is getting a childhood with copious amounts of fun snow.

The fun didn't stop there.  I built a tunnel for the lads to cross.  Some are likening its engineering to the great Eisenhower Tunnel project.  George manned the preliminary inspections.

After his trip through, George declared the project a success and called for an exploratory committee to be formed to consider the viability of tunnel expansion in the future.

Hope everyone is enjoying the fruits of  spring.  Can't wait for summer and hopefully to see some of you soon!


two years old...

It hardly seems possible that a year ago we George was one... and we were in LA with all our friends from near and far.  George was just getting introduced to the concept of sweet tasting food and literally dove in head first.  Just in case you needed a reminder on how cute he was at one:

This year we tried to make it a very special day for George.  The whole day we told him it was his birthday.  We took him out to lunch downtown at one of his favorite spots, the Naked Noodle.  He had spaghetti and meatballs and wolfed the entire bowl down in about ten minutes.

The afternoon festivities started off with a balloon surprise.  I bought two and rode home with them, but only one made it.  Good thing I got two. I didn't even notice that I had lost one.

George didn't seem to mind.

Ashley made a beautiful, adorable cake just like last year.  George LOVES planes.  He keeps calling this the "cake plane."

George was much more composed than his father at the age of two.  Thank you Polaroid:

Look at George... cool as a friggin cucumber.  "Oh, what's these... candles, I know how to handle this situation."

Candles. Out.  One second and they were gone.  We've got the video to prove it (see below).  My heart swells with pride... the good kind. 

After that George began eating his cake in a very civilized manner.  Not like a year ago when he was eating like the... portly gentleman from the pie eating contest in the movie Stand By Me.

The Pulsipher Family.  Bozeman, Montana. 2011

Here's George and his buddy Jackson digging in.  The cake was a big success.  We were very happy to spend George's birthday with our neighbors and friends the Barnwells.  We are lucky to have them as neighbors.

Here's a video montage of some of the days events...

Thanks to everyone for the presents and birthday wishes.  We live a very blessed life.



"...be... sure... to... drink... your... ovaltine? It's a crummy commercial! Son of a ..."



George was really excited about the ball getting thrown up in the air.  See for yourself.

whoa!!! from David Pulsipher on Vimeo.