goin up to the co(lorad)untry

Hey guys. We're really looking forward to these next two weeks. We're leaving the big city and goin up to the country... er, Colorado. We are so excited, our sentiments are probably best expressed through song.

Not that we've been completely stuck in the city. A couple of weeks ago, we went to Yosemite and had a really lovely time.
Ashley & George at Glacier Point

Our lodgings at the Wawona Hotel

Ashley and I often become nostalgic about Colorado - despite the fact that Los Angeles has really come to charm us. George has a lot of family to meet. Lots of firsts on the trip for George. First plane ride. First time in Colorado... first time joining a band promoting a carefree lifestyle?

Posts may dip off... they may not. If you're in Colorado these next couple of weeks, look us up. We'll be in Breckenridge the first week, and then Denver the second. We're also planning on capping off the trip with one of my favorite Americana events - fireworks at Folsom Field.

My favorite part of this event, is the informal paper airplane contest. Lots of pictures to come.


guest post: the top three things i hate - by george pulsipher

hi everyone. up until now this blog has been about my parents and occasionally the cute picture of me. well i'm here to get my own voice, and i thought the perfect subject would be about the top three things that i hate.

1. my car seat. i know.... i KNOW! my parents have tons of cute pictures of me in it. you'd think they never take me out. that's just the problem, we took a trip to yosemite the other weekend and now i can't stand the site or smell of that thing. as soon as i get in it - you better believe i'm letting the world know.

2. ludmila. my parents have this crazy russian doll on the top of their bookshelf. every time my mom or dad burp me and give me the chance, i keep both my eyes on her. i don't know what she's up to, but i don't trust her. when she's in the room - it's like i'm ronald reagan and she's mikael gorbachev. tear that wall down!

3. crinkling noises. my parents LOVE to crinkle crap in my ears when i'm sleeping. they think they are being sneaky when i'm asleep, but i hear it. i can be in my bed, dreaming about breastmilk and smashing russian nesting dolls, and then i'm startled by my dad eating a bag of funyons or whatever the heck he's doing. i don't care what he's eating, but it sounds like he got in a wrestling match with a plastic bag the size of a football field. i hate crinkling noises!

next time maybe i'll have something more upbeat to share, but for now - stay out of my way or you might make this list!

george e. pulsipher


the mark of a professional

Last week Ashley was approached by Aaron the Handyman. As Ashley returned from some errands, Aaron the handyman had the perception, nerve, or naivete to ask if Ashley needed anything done around the house, "wanted to go out," or "wanted a boyfriend."

Quite the sales pitch Aaron! If at first you don't succeed at marketing your vocational skills, why not up the ante and hit her between the eyes with a romantic proposition.

There are several things I'd like to analyze here:

1. The card
Aaron - lets be realistic. Who'd trust a professional with such shoddy attention to detail. Your business card was made on a 3x5 card, hand written. For pete's sake, you might as well walk around with a sandwich board, you'd probably get as many return calls.

2. The Offer
A boyfriend, a date? Whoah??? Slow down Romeo. Who launches in on their first sentence with an offer to be a boyfriend? What exactly about Ashley communicated that she was on the prowl? I know the women you normally "pick up" probably go ga-ga for your minimalist approach, but lets be real.

3. The Offer, pt. 2
Who needs a handy man 24/7? Plumber - maybe odd hours. Doctor - definitely. Handyman - "Aaron - get over here immediately, yes I know it's 3 in the morning on a Sunday, but I've GOT to have my track lighting installed!"

4. The Victim Target
Aaron - did you really think Ashley was in your league. You were listening to House of Pain in your car stereo. Earth to Aaron, the last time that song was cool you were wearing hoodless sweatshirts and reebok pumps. Oh, you still wear those? Uhh... nevermind.

Aaron, we all make mistakes. One of your mistakes was giving your card to my wife. Now I get to publish your phone number online (free advertising!) and encourage friends and strangers alike to call you with fake offers of employment - at odd and irrationally inconvenient times of day.

See ya around sport!