to the founder of the feast

George says, "I declare this meal to be... delicious!"

 Last night Ashley made beet gnocchi that was out of this world.  George probably ate about two pounds worth.  We (George & I) are really lucky to have Ashley, who makes us delicious meals to eat, even if she doesn't feel like eating them.

Thanks mom/honey!


George & David


new lens

Last week we had an unfortunate incident. The lens that came with our camera stopped working.  Canon, to their credit accepted out lens and fixed it without cost to us.  So... nice for us.  In the meantime, we had heard a lot about a smaller, fixed lens (portrait lens) that was designed more for close up, low light shots.  We pulled the trigger and are just experimenting now with it.  So far, the results are pretty fun.  We don't for a second pretend to know what we're doing, but we're enjoying our baby steps into more complex photography.

We call this series... exploration/frustration with food.

Note - the fun thing about these shots is that they were all taken indoors, with no flash.  Natural lighting makes for such nice shots.   The new lens made this effect possible.


fat lip

So we've been gushing about our newfound love for hiking. It's only natural that we now share the perils of hiking with you as well... George took a tumble and got quite a banged up lip.

He's all healed now, but it sure was a sad few days seeing him gently feed himself and maneuver around his massive upper lip.