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So George has grown out of his car seat. Apparently now we need one that can be switched forward when we're ready, but supposedly they can stay rear facing until they are two. I'm not sure if we'll be able to wait that long (safety aside), as we'd love to see his little face as we're driving.

Do you guys have any recommendations on car seats 2.0?

In other news, Ashley and I have started the south beach diet and as you can see George helped us purge our refrigerator of all the things we could no longer eat.

Just kidding.


Birthday fun in the park

Last Saturday we had George's first birthday party. What started off as a conceptual "low stress" gathering of George's closest friends, turned into quite the production. We were sure that we'd permanently scar George unless everything went off without a hitch. Fortunately, the glitches were few (despite a last minute scare that we were going to have to play dumb about getting a "party permit", the night before).

As per usual, the pictures tell the story with some extra special video footage of George taking his inaugural steps into the world of sugar.

Thanks for the denim shirt Aunt Blythe! It was perfect for my train-themed birthday

To clear George's palate in preparation for the cake, we carbo-loaded on crackers

As always, George's best friend and Assistant Conductor, Abe was ready to party

Lucy Young and Dad, Sean. (came all the way from Nashville by train plane for the party)

George - Ashley - Lucy - Marissa - Abe - Kimber

I once read somewhere that one of the great things about being a dad is that you get to revisit your childhood...

I'd say that flying your son's awesome kite is right up there with "the cry out method" in terms of difficult dad duties.

My little brother Collin lives in the Valley (which might as well be Oregon). He's on tour, but his girlfriend Shelby came all the way down for the festivities. George loves Shelby.

It's the final countdown...George got his very own cake (held by friend, Julia - who came all the way from New York City) while the rest of us dined on this beauty below:

What a lovely cake...

George getting a pep talk before the main event...

the suspense is killing me...


George contemplating a job well done

One last handful for the road...

And for the piece de resistance - video footage:


george, year one. a retrospective

today is george's birthday. unbelievable. we love him so much. as you can see from the pictures below - he's brought an immense amount of joy to our lives.













name: george emmett pulsipher

known aliases: bub, bubs, bubsie, bubby, cousin bubby, bubbins, jean parmesan

height: 2' something

weight: approx. 23 lbs

likes: prunes, bananas, beet gnocchi, tickles, blondes, being "in on the joke", pretending to "be in on the joke, peek-a-boo, unpacking drawers, mike mulligan, plastic pipes, bubbles, teddy bears, battlestar galactica, medicine

dislikes: ear infections, broccoli, hot food, rice, laws, order, law & order, stacked clothes, diaper changes, wardrobe changes, late food