a moral dilemma

For a while now... Ashley and I have been getting oogeley eyed every time we see a fancy camera. Not that we're aspiring photographers, but we just wish that we could take better quality pictures of George and what not.

I may be a newfound believer in "the secret." I don't know anything about the secret, except, I think you are supposed to wish for something and then it comes into your life. So Ashley and I have been wishing for a nice camera, and then when I rented a car yesterday and looked for a safe place to stash my wallet... would you look what the secret had in store for us in the middle console!

You are looking at our brand new camera! Thank you secret! The secret taketh, and the secret giveth.

Just kidding. No but seriously, this is a nice camera. I believe it's a Canon EOS Rebel Xti, which retails for about five hundy.

Immediately I thought of how I could live with myself if I kept the camera. I briefly scanned the pictures, to see if they camera taker or subjects appeared to be morally reprehensible, in which case they would NOT be missing their camera. Nope - seemed like nice enough people.

I also thought, "what if I return it, and the slimy guy at Hertz pockets it for himself!" "Yes... that's it... I'll keep it, and go on the case myself. I'll personally track the owner down." That idea sounded plausible for about 5 seconds.

Ultimately, we made the easy decision to return the camera. How could we keep it and feel good about ourselves. Taking pictures of all of these important parts of our life - with a stolen camera. It'd be like winning the lottery with a ticket stolen from an orphan.

I parked the rental car, flashy camera in hand... and strolled into the office. As soon as I walked in, two men met me with large smiles. One, was the guy from Hertz who was probably thinking, "you fool, that camera could've been mine," but the other, was the owner of the camera. I could tell it was him, because I had seen his pictures (a fact I neglected to share when surrenduring the camera).

They were both very pleased with my decision to return the camera. I felt good, knowing that I had done the right thing... but also glad that I hadn't pocketed the camera and then have to lie, to the owner's face no less, that I had stolen his camera.

C'mon secret... send us another digital camera!


abe & george

Abe & George are best buds. They like to hang out and do stuff together. Because their time in their mom's bellies briefly overlapped, they were in heaven, hanging out together. Telling jokes and playing pranks. Fortunately, once they got down here they've picked up right where they left off.

Being rowdy

Doing secret handshakes

going on hikes with mom & dad

Enjoying the Santa Monica Mountains

Singing songs with mom

Driving the same cars

Posing for mom's artistic shots

Telling jokes with mom

Looking at big, scary spiders

Abe going shirtless (just like his dad) when he spills his dinner

George wondering, "Mom, when can Abe come over and play again?"

Probably soon.


I've made a huge mistake...

Can someone tell me if this is the reason that George is a party animal at night when he used to be such a good sleeper? I fear I have untrained my baby to sleep because he now wants nothing less than being sung to sleep in our bed! Anyone have any ideas?


5 month picture extravaganza

George is five months old today and has experienced several firsts. It's been a while since we've posted and a lot has transpired since... A brief photo shoot aught to catch everyone up to speed

Hangin' out with uncle Collin and Shelby at Tellefson Park

First bowtie to church. Also, first subtle act of fashion dissent.

Telling screaming secrets to dad

Bath time with Mom

George's first trip to the Getty (Ashley gazes off into Los Angeles)

First trip to Amoeba Records for Ashley and George

Napping in the baby bjorn

First baseball game!

The only place to sit for a Dodgers game

First stink face caught on camera

Sat next to our friends Keith & Leslie at the game

George looking like a glutton

Dad looking like a glutton (first trip to In & Out/ketchup disaster)

At the park with aunt Dawn, Maxine & Ivan

More scheduled visits from family - with aunt Lashley due out next month. Can't wait.

Post Script:
When we were at the park, Maxine and I were playing on the playground together. Meanwhile, a well intentioned lad came up to Maxine and asked her, "what's your name?" Maxine paused, somewhat annoyed, then said hesitantly, "maxine."

She then rolled her eyes, looked at me and said, "some kids just pop out of nowhere." So amazing. It's funny how such a complex level of sociality, (i.e. those without social grace infringing on those of us who do) can be typified so perfectly among children on the playground.