abe & george

Abe & George are best buds. They like to hang out and do stuff together. Because their time in their mom's bellies briefly overlapped, they were in heaven, hanging out together. Telling jokes and playing pranks. Fortunately, once they got down here they've picked up right where they left off.

Being rowdy

Doing secret handshakes

going on hikes with mom & dad

Enjoying the Santa Monica Mountains

Singing songs with mom

Driving the same cars

Posing for mom's artistic shots

Telling jokes with mom

Looking at big, scary spiders

Abe going shirtless (just like his dad) when he spills his dinner

George wondering, "Mom, when can Abe come over and play again?"

Probably soon.


the youngs said...

What stud muffins!! It looks to me like they need a third amigo--do they allow girls in their club??

david said...

yes... only if they are older girls. they are men of refined tastes.

betsey said...

Yes! Older girls are allowed! Nora will be happy to hear that.

Rachel Potter said...

look at those amazing artistic shots! I love it! George's physique for modeling is perfect these days from what I hear.

Dawn D. Lion said...

Yay, baby friends. I love the name Abe.

kimber said...

Abe has been watching out our window for george too. Can't wait for him to come over again, Tuesday right? If we had Lucy & Nora here, that would be quite a rowdy bunch.

Serena Cherry said...

I loved these photos! Keep them coming!