in their words: artist and model

Only because Ashley is too bashful to admit it... but she has been getting some great shots with our new camera. Her latest effort is really awesome (if I do say so myself). An explanation from the artist:

George had just been to the park so he was really dirty. I didn't want him crawling around the house in his grimy clothes so I put him in the bathtub with his clothes on. The light was really nice coming in through the window so I snapped a few pictures.

From the words of the model:

I really wanted to show my versatility in this set. My parents usually try to take pictures of me when I'm doing generic "baby cute" stuff, ya know... smiling, being messy, at special events, etc. I wanted to show more range in my portfolio. Behind my smile, I'm driven. For instance, when they open the refrigerator and try to keep me from pulling everything out of the bottom drawer - I do that not because I "love chaos" as they say... I want them to respect my preferences for food organization. When I pound peas into the kitchen table and then smear them around - I'm exploring the pea as an artistic object. When I pound my hands violently on the computer keyboard, I'm composing my memoir. I'm more than a photogenic face - I think this set displays that.




(This is my favorite one I think. I like the casual feel of it all)







(another favorite, the obligatory mypsace pose. if George turns emo... we'll trace it back to this photo)


I'll look forward to another artistic collaboration between Ashley and George.


on hikes

Here's the thing about hiking: I like the idea of hiking. I like the feeling of having just hiked. I like... telling people that we went for a hike. Not for bragging purposes - but somehow in the action of telling people about the hike, that I will suddenly become an even healthier, environmentally educated person. I like... thinking about myself hiking. I like hiking clothing. And, I really enjoy hiking when I'm more than halfway done.

But for some reason, getting to the hike destination is hard for me. Something deep within me resists the hike. I don't know why I have this inner turmoil, but Ashley really has her hands full when getting the family out on a hike. It's like she's pulling two kids instead of just one.

That being said - we had a lovely family hike at Will Rogers State Park. We had enough water for a Saharan expedition, snacks, blankets... everything an urban hiker needs.

George is putting packing on the lbs these days... and because we haven't invested in one of those fancy backpack deals (can you recommend a place to find an affordable/nice one?) we stormed the hill with our BOB stroller.

Despite some wrong turns and a disagreement on route choice to "inspiration" point... the hike was a huge success. We'll have to do more of these so I can feel good about talking about them.
: )

George loves piggy backs...

...and leaning up front in his stroller like a Sultan

and biting on metal things...

and Mom of course...

Crawling around in the dirt, chewing on rocks is his joie de vivre

"this one looks good enough to eat!"

West Los Angeles and the Pacific

an impromptu rock lesson from Mom

did we mention his zeal for piggy backs

he can barely contain himself...

I think we'll go hiking again sometime soon


the five worst movies we've seen in the movie theatre

With Oscar-fever on everyone's mind, Ashley and I reflected on the worst movies we've seen in the movie theater. We love going to the movies... and just as a good movie can be enhanced by the theater experience, the inverse is true for bad movies - the theater can turn a movie into a root canal.

Thank You for Smoking
Guilty Party: Toss-up, we went to this as a part of a friend outing

Reasoning: You know how it's annoying to be around someone trying really hard to be cool. This was 96 minutes of that. Combination of being embarrassed for everyone in the movie, and wanting to get out of there as fast as I can.

Superman Returns
Guilty Party: Family Outing

Reasoning: It's sad to see Kevin Spacey's career become an never ending black whole/vortex. Here was another notch on that cosmic belt. That, and the Superman/savior thing was so over the top I felt like I was blaspheming just being in the audience.

P.S. I Love You
Guilty Party: Me

Reasoning: Hey married people. Want a way to posthumously communicate your love to your spouse? Get a fat life insurance policy and take care of them. OR... you could lead them on a wild goose chase of surreptitious notes and "signs." Not only does it preclude your spouse from ever getting recovering from your loss, but it allows them to fantasize about you actually being alive. Oh, and a one night stand with your spouse's best friend who looks exactly like you, that is really healthy too.

Guilty Party: Both of us

Reasoning: We had some time to kill before a wedding reception. Man, was this a great "warmer upper" for a celebration on marriage. For the life of me I wish I could find the SNL skit titled, "the other OTHER boleyn girl" cause that was comedy gold. Big names, yucky movie.

27 Dresses
Guilty Party: Ashley

Reasoning: 27 dresses? More like, 27 messes! Oh - poor beautiful quirky girl, always the bridesmaid, never the bride. I feel sorry for her! When will SHE ever be the lucky girl at the altar!?!?!?! Sigh.

So there you have it folks - I think some of this may have been inspired by some bad movies that we rented, so look for that installment. That may be followed by, "the top five worst movies we've streamed from netflix."



It's what happens when you tell George that Lost is in its final season.