in their words: artist and model

Only because Ashley is too bashful to admit it... but she has been getting some great shots with our new camera. Her latest effort is really awesome (if I do say so myself). An explanation from the artist:

George had just been to the park so he was really dirty. I didn't want him crawling around the house in his grimy clothes so I put him in the bathtub with his clothes on. The light was really nice coming in through the window so I snapped a few pictures.

From the words of the model:

I really wanted to show my versatility in this set. My parents usually try to take pictures of me when I'm doing generic "baby cute" stuff, ya know... smiling, being messy, at special events, etc. I wanted to show more range in my portfolio. Behind my smile, I'm driven. For instance, when they open the refrigerator and try to keep me from pulling everything out of the bottom drawer - I do that not because I "love chaos" as they say... I want them to respect my preferences for food organization. When I pound peas into the kitchen table and then smear them around - I'm exploring the pea as an artistic object. When I pound my hands violently on the computer keyboard, I'm composing my memoir. I'm more than a photogenic face - I think this set displays that.




(This is my favorite one I think. I like the casual feel of it all)







(another favorite, the obligatory mypsace pose. if George turns emo... we'll trace it back to this photo)


I'll look forward to another artistic collaboration between Ashley and George.


Serena Cherry said...

Awwww...I love this little guy! The expressions were awesome. Ashley did a great job, I loved seeing them all together. Now let me say:
1. George's eyelashes are amazing.
2. I love that his hair is getting so long!!

Thanks for the photos!

Priscilla said...

I love George. thanks for putting up those great photos.

Dawn D. Lion said...

I love seeing his many expressions. Great shots of the handsome lad!

Mik'L said...


Alison said...

this is the most absurd thing I think you've ever written.

and therefore it's one of my absolute favorites.

the myspace picture is killing me.

I can't wait until George and I become BFF's this weekend!


MiaKatia said...

Oh my goodness. He is beautiful. I love them all, but Ham, Optimistic, and Willing are some of my favorites. Even if I had a real camera, my pictures would not be so cute. Are you guys planning a big First Birthday?