thanksgiving photo-recap

We had a lovely Thanksgiving in Northern California. We visited family in Modesto - and then I fulfilled a lifelong dream in San Francisco when we visited Alcatraz. Below are a few highlights, and you can view more of our adventure here.

The Bay Bridge - the "other Boelyn Girl" of the Bridge World

We don't quite have fall foliage like this in Los Angeles - which made the fall festival of thanks so much more special.

Pretending to sup from my commemorative cup - my best gift shop purchase of all time

Ashley attentitively participates in our audio tour.


happy thanksgiving, from los angeles

Los Angeles loves you, and we do too.

Ashley + David


the newest pulsipher

Yesterday Ashley and I went to the hospital for an advanced ultrasound. The previous ones had kind of been peekaboo shots, couldn't really tell what was going on - although the one thing I was confident that I saw was a fine pair of butt cheaks. That, and the glorious organ that makes boys boys.

Although, after our first ultrasound the doc was giving us an 85% chance it was a boy. So the remaining 15% still lurked out there - was it going to be Barbies or GI Joes? The subsequent two ultrasounds (yesterday included) confirmed that it will be a boy.

It was a very long appointment, and I wasn't the one getting jabbed with a baton. The doctor (?) who was doing the ultrasound was pretty content to just go to work in silence, as if we weren't interested in what she was doing at all. We kind of had to ask questions about what she was looking at - and her thick accent made deciphering what we were looking at even more difficult.

Highlights included some nice shots of the femur (4cm), heart, umbilical cord, feet, and of course his little face (pictured).

I would guess that the whole process took nearly an hour. She was taking a lot of measurements. Both Ashley and I were somewhat confused by the way she slapped the computer monitor. The doctor was kind of funny, because she didn't really come off as all that personable, yet she went to some effort to type out a message on the picture - "hi mom and dad" - a message from our son.

I'm glad she took the liberty to speak on behalf of our son - if I could speak for him I'd say "hey mom, when are we going to go for another round of cheeseburgers? Also, will you please make some more cookie dough so I can eat it raw? Thanks a million mom. I owe you one."


i need a new magazine

I've been subscribing to Gentleman's Quarterly for about... 4 years now.  I don't know why exactly I started.

When I moved from Denver to Washington DC, I sold a stack of old GQ's to some slimy looking dude for like 5 dollars.  Weird right?

I got a letter in the mail saying that due to an "upgrade in my account" it allowed them to "seamlessy provide subscription service" without having to renew my subscription, I'd just be billed.

But I didn't want that.  It's like one of those CD clubs where unless you check the box, they're gonna send you hoards of CD's and make you pay for them.  I showed those guys who's boss.  Send me three copies of Lenny Kravitz Are you Gonna go my Way will you...

Anyways, I've kind of been wanting to cancel my subscription for a while.   My favorite segment is "the Style Guy" where people ask questions about grooming and dress.  Sometimes I like the opinions and its generally a good idea to have some sort of foundation as to why you are ascribing to various dress standards.  But sometimes I'd ask myself "why am I taking advice from a guy who has like 17 pairs of jeans and ten thousand dollar hermes shoes" or whatever.

Sometimes there were very fascinating articles.  But then other times there was kind of questionable content and I would get kind of bummed about that.  So in the end... I nixed it.

So where does this leave me?  I think I can afford one magazine subscription, what do you recommend?  Keep in mind I already get Bicycling for free somehow (but, it hardly satiates my bike interest, that rag is strictly for roadies).

I'm not sure which direction I should go?  Pop culture, men's interests, bicycles, technology.  Ideally I'd like a little bit of all of that.  Actually, if there was a magazine that was all about bicycle transportation I would be very physically attracted to that magazine.  I once saw this Mag called "Momentum" that I think was trying to do what I just described, but the issue I saw had a family with a dad who looked like a serial killer so I decided I didn't want my family to turn into that. 

I guess I could do Wired... or the Economist... but I want something exciting.  Any ideas?


it's not a tumor

A little bit ago I noticed a freckle on my left eyebrow. It seemed to come out of no where. Then Ashley went on a trip for 8 days, and when she came back she noticed that the freckle had gotten a lot bigger. After consulting with Kimber, our personal medical consultant - we decided to get it checked out.

I went to the Doctor. The doctor referred me to the dermatologist. After looking at the freckle or "rapidly growing lesion" as they called it in my files, Dr. Goldstein decided that I had two options.

1. Wait for a month and see what it was doing, then probaby do a biopsy
2. Do a biopsy now!

Because I am a man of action, I opted for the biopsy now. I laid down on my side, they numbed me up and they took a chunk out of my eyebrow. He warned me that this procedure would leave a small scar, and that because it is on my face and "not on my butt or back" that it is something to consider. I thought about it for two seconds, and then remembered how awesome scars on the face are. It was a no brainer.

I was numb pretty quick, and then I could feel that odd sensation where my flesh was being tugged at and stitched up.

What will transpire next on this blog was of great interest between Ashley and myself. Do you want to see a picture of the sample they took from my eyebrow? Obviously, If the readers are like myself, the answer is a resounding yes. However, if you are a wimp and a communist then maybe it isn't for you.

Whether you like it or not, behold my triumph over rapidly growing benign lesions:

Now that you've seen the gore, I'd ask you to participate in the poll.


my antithesis

n. pl. an·tith·e·ses (-sēz')
  1. Direct contrast; opposition.
  2. The direct or exact opposite: Hope is the antithesis of despair.
I really need to get this off my chest. I have no idea who this guy is - but in some sort of marketing fiasco that can only be equated with new Coke - this man is the spokesperson for TGI Fridays.

Sometimes I like to call that restaurant TGIF Fridays.

Anyway, every time I see a TGIF commercial I get really uncomfortable. Actually, I get worked up and irritated. I have a very strong distaste for them, and in particular their spokesman. My feelings against this guy are so strong, they are best captured in this statement: This man is everything I do not want to be.

This guy is like a senior year version of me that was cryogenically frozen, dropped out of college freshman year, and works at an adult movie theater. Seriously, who are the girls that like guys like this?

Why would I take dining advice from him? What about this man, hints... or smells of credibility? The only thing he reeks of is Hot Topic and brut cologne.

Is there anyone out there who is everything you do not want to be?


election recap

So - I may or may not be the first blogger to break this story, but Barack Obama will be the first Black President of the United States of America.

We had an election party in our new home, with our dear friends the Nelsons. It is nice to have good friends (who happen to share our hopes for the outcome that night) to watch the elections with.

What a night - pizza, carmel popcorn, martinelli's sparkling cider, cheesecake from trader joes - it was a veritable feast of the belly and politics.

My heart goes out to those who passionately hoped McCain/Palin would win. Honestly - I know how you are feeling. The past two elections were proverbial kicks in the groin for me. It is a horrible sense of regret and pessimism about what the future holds. In the same breath - you've
had your 8 year party and now it's time to give someone else a try.

I really enjoyed Obama's acceptance speach. It was passionate and moving. I really got the sense that he was humbled by his new position, and what everyone expected of him. As you can see from the picture next to me - every one was riveted to the screen.

All in all - I'm glad it's over. Let the healing begin. What did you guys do on election night?



I am a self diagnosed harpaxophobic. For the millions of sufferers out there - You are not alone!

I too - know what its like to experience the deep pangs of fear every time a household item goes missing - to assuming it's been stolen.

I too - constantly wonder if I locked the door.

I too - assume that a cat burglar has stolen our laptop if it takes me longer than 20 seconds to find it.

I too - try to assuage my anxiety of loss by purchasing heavy duty locking mechanisms to secure my bike.

I too - leave my key attached to my bike chain - an open invitation for any idiot to walk away with my bike.

Oh wait - you don't do that? Well... good for you.

The other day I accidentally left my bike key attached to my bike chain. Granted, it was a little out of the way next to Pasadena Town Hall. But still - it was like leaving a car running with the keys in the ignition and the doors wide open. Had an opportunist struck (like I normally fear), I would've returned to that light post completely dumbfounded.

I got really lucky.

I still live in fear of being robbed - but it's good to know that even thieves miss an obvious take every now and again.


top 10 things i miss about ashley...

Ashley has been in Charm City visiting her sister for the past week. She is taking a well-deserved vacation and getting to spend lots of time with family, friends, and two little nieces that she is crazy about.

While gone - I've been holding down the fort. Solo living is really boring. I run out of things to do really fast. Last night I was really lonely. I've been thinking, these are the things I miss about Ashley right now:

10. She laughs at my jokes. Life is really boring when you don't have any one to test your quality material with.
9. She smells so good. The house is going to smell like a bachelor pad when you get home - sorry honey.
8. She won't let me eat cereal more than 3-4 nights in a row. Left alone, I can't help myself.
7. She has a special way of teasing me that I really enjoy.
6. Saying goodbye to her in the morning. She's still in bed and I get to snuggle her and kiss her before I leave. I love that.
5. She gives me a hard time about not brushing my teeth until the afternoon on a Saturday. (Did it again!)
4. Television/movies aren't nearly as fun when you don't have anyone to relive them with
3. Giving her a hard time about not reading this book.
2. Snuggling
1. Having her next to me as I sleep. Sometimes I just like to put my hand on her side. It helps me sleep.