election recap

So - I may or may not be the first blogger to break this story, but Barack Obama will be the first Black President of the United States of America.

We had an election party in our new home, with our dear friends the Nelsons. It is nice to have good friends (who happen to share our hopes for the outcome that night) to watch the elections with.

What a night - pizza, carmel popcorn, martinelli's sparkling cider, cheesecake from trader joes - it was a veritable feast of the belly and politics.

My heart goes out to those who passionately hoped McCain/Palin would win. Honestly - I know how you are feeling. The past two elections were proverbial kicks in the groin for me. It is a horrible sense of regret and pessimism about what the future holds. In the same breath - you've
had your 8 year party and now it's time to give someone else a try.

I really enjoyed Obama's acceptance speach. It was passionate and moving. I really got the sense that he was humbled by his new position, and what everyone expected of him. As you can see from the picture next to me - every one was riveted to the screen.

All in all - I'm glad it's over. Let the healing begin. What did you guys do on election night?


Karolyn said...

We were so excited. I had to keep John from running down to Chicago to join in the celebration. We miss our good Democrat friends.

betsey said...

We miss our dem friends too! Sadly, we haven't found our political soul mates yet. I wore my Obama t-shirt to our ward trunk or treat in hopes of drawing out the other dems in the ward. We spent the entire night engaged in a political discussion with 2 rabid reps (not a bad thing, really it was fun!). Unfortunately, I also got more than a couple of dirty looks. (seriously, some very dirty looks, I know who won't be calling to invite me to any social events anytime soon).

Richard and I celebrated alone. I'm not embarrassed to say that I did a dance of joy when Obama won Ohio. I am also not embarrassed to say that I cried during his acceptance speech. It is a wonderful day.

Dawn D. Lion said...

We had a great day and night. Little party with our good friends. And the next day, we had another euphoric party with our playgroup. I think so many of us feel like a heavy weight has been lifted.

Liz said...

A kick to the groin indeed.

Mike said...

I'm impressed by how gracious you're being about this whole thing.

Obama's speech the other night was really good and maybe my favorite from him so far. It'll be interesting to see how the next four years play out.

david said...

re: gracious.

well - let me just say i'm "doing unto others as you would have do unto you"

i mean, i think its pretty obvious you guys made a catastrophic mistake, but whats the point?

let the healing begin! again!

Blythe said...

Well, I talked to you, so you know where I was...with much of the fam (lucky that we all share similar politics). Rocio made this really good quiche.

Let's just say the party was a lot more fun than that dud at my house four years ago.

Betsey, I don't know you, but we did have someone come up to us in 1992 and thank us for having Clinton stickers on our car (in the church parking lot). She really thought she was alone, so she was relieved to discover she was only mostly alone. ;)

Kimber said...

In Ashley and my defense, we were both very jetlagged. It doesn't mean that we weren't riveted. We were, just in a different way...one with our eyes closed.