my antithesis

n. pl. an·tith·e·ses (-sēz')
  1. Direct contrast; opposition.
  2. The direct or exact opposite: Hope is the antithesis of despair.
I really need to get this off my chest. I have no idea who this guy is - but in some sort of marketing fiasco that can only be equated with new Coke - this man is the spokesperson for TGI Fridays.

Sometimes I like to call that restaurant TGIF Fridays.

Anyway, every time I see a TGIF commercial I get really uncomfortable. Actually, I get worked up and irritated. I have a very strong distaste for them, and in particular their spokesman. My feelings against this guy are so strong, they are best captured in this statement: This man is everything I do not want to be.

This guy is like a senior year version of me that was cryogenically frozen, dropped out of college freshman year, and works at an adult movie theater. Seriously, who are the girls that like guys like this?

Why would I take dining advice from him? What about this man, hints... or smells of credibility? The only thing he reeks of is Hot Topic and brut cologne.

Is there anyone out there who is everything you do not want to be?


Serena Cherry said...

That guy bugs me, too. But I think it is "Friday's" fault more than his. The hair has got to go. Old trying to look hip never works out too well. Be cool in your own age bracket. Anyway, hmmm...I don't know, but I know Ashley has a huge distaste for the "Glad-e" commercials. That amused me.

bird on the lawn said...

ah ahhhha hha! this struck me as so funny!

MiaKatia said...

I met your friends the Young's last night at my sister in law's house up in N'ville. But I didn't make the connection that the four of your were friends until I was checking out their blog. Small world.

Guy needs to get rid of the sweat band and the bleached blond hair for sure, but he doesn't bother me so much on Diners Drive Ins and Dives.

Benson and Jaimi said...

All I know about Guy is that he's from Oakland, but that doesn't make his facial hair okay. I don't get how it wraps under his chin.

But to answer your question: Nicholas Cage. He is my antithesis. You may be asking yourself, "what about Family Man?" I don't care. His voice, hair, accents... I just can't stand him.


Kimber said...

Isn't that guy from the food network?
This is great that you know who your antithesis is. It may come in handy some day. One year when we lived in Boston, Chad and I went to an Antithesis party, where everyone dressed up as their antithesis. I wish you would have been there dressed up as this guy.

Alison said...

yes he is annoying on the TGI fridays commercials, and i hated him too. but as an avid food network lover, i've seen a lot of his diners drive-ins and dives show, and he is quite good. he has a knack for working with people live on tv and making it funny and smooth. that is not easy my boy. perhaps something that say, only Guy AND YOU!!! could do. you are practically brothers.

russ said...

this is hilarious!
Guy Fieri.
he won that 'Next Food Network Star' reality show, and was awarded his own travel/cooking show where he cruised diners across the country looking for the best burgers and roadhouse food, etc..

the sweatband and bleached spikes, and goatee and hoop earrings..

love this post.