thanksgiving photo-recap

We had a lovely Thanksgiving in Northern California. We visited family in Modesto - and then I fulfilled a lifelong dream in San Francisco when we visited Alcatraz. Below are a few highlights, and you can view more of our adventure here.

The Bay Bridge - the "other Boelyn Girl" of the Bridge World

We don't quite have fall foliage like this in Los Angeles - which made the fall festival of thanks so much more special.

Pretending to sup from my commemorative cup - my best gift shop purchase of all time

Ashley attentitively participates in our audio tour.


Benson and Jaimi said...

It's a crying shame we weren't there when you guys came through. We're due for another trip to Alcatraz.

And Ashley sure looks cute!


Serena Cherry said...

1.) Ashley's stomach looks bigger than even the one she took a week ago. Seriously!!
2.) Love the photos, it looks like you had such a wonderful time.
3.) Alcatraz is awesome.

david said...

we really did have a great time.

especially when a tiny man cut in front of us to buy hot dogs.

the youngs said...

Ashley appears to be sporting one think pony tail...i think it is an illuuuuuuuuuusion!! Miss you both. We will pass on the marty mcfly shoes to lil mr. puls when lucy grows out of them!

MF said...

Your new picture/banner deal is rad. Especially because of the bandana. Also, here's to the Pulsiphers for exploring the attractions of their own state!

Anonymous said...

I think it is interesting to compare Serena's Thanksgiving pictures to yours. Her's seemed to be more food centered. Priscilla

Serena Cherry said...

Hey, what gives, mom???