keeping your friends close...

One of George's favorite places to eat is right by our bookcase, which also is the resting spot for Ludmila - the Russian Nesting doll who carefully gazes out into our living room. We noticed that when we were burping George, he would stare at Ludmila with a confident, determined look.

We always thought his intense stare was one of affection. We were already prepared to line George up with a Russian mail order bride.

The other day Ashley was discussing George's love affair with Grandma Potter - and she had a different theory. Maybe his steady gaze isn't love-driven... but one of skepticism and distrust. It had never occurred to us before - but maybe the George-Ludmila relationship wasn't a story played out like on Reds, but more like Red Dawn.

Grandma Potter's theory was confirmed when we snapped this picture.

George isn't being fooled by her mysterious eastern European ways. He's keeping both his eyes on her, making sure she doesn't try to pull a fast one on us.


george is very southern california

i know all of the pictures we put up of george are him in his car seat. some might deduct that this is because he never leaves his car seat. this is not true of course... but george does have a knack for looking cute while he's in his car seat. mom snapped this one while we were in our new car.

ashley got in an accident a few weeks ago... and we toyed with the idea of going carless. honestly, we could've done it but we felt like it would've been really difficult with george being so little, and that our social life would also have been negatively effected. so far we love our car and it is definitely a lovely addition to our family.


george's brush with fame

Saturday Ashley, George and I had lunch with our friend Adrian at Rutt's Hawaiian Cafe. As we sat down - Adrian pointed out that we were within ear shot of Molly Shannon. You might remember her from her time on SNL where she played the awkward catholic school girl, Mary Catherine Gallagher - or the proud fifty year old - Sally O'Malley. Now she's on a show (or at least was, I don't know if its still on) called Kath & Kim.

Anyhoo - celeb sitings are always fun in Los Angeles - but rarely do you get a chance to talk to them in a non-stalker type of way.

She was eating with her family - including two children. Ashley noticed that her kids were done with lunch and had taken notice of George - you could tell that they wanted to see him. Ashley said, "do you want to see the baby?"

They nodded enthusiastically. I got up and picked George's seat up for a bit so they could see. Shortly thereafter Molly got up and had a brief chat with us. She asked us his name, how old he was. She said that George was very cute and commented on how much she loved babies and being a mother. She was very warm and genuine - it made us very happy. I always thought she was such a talented physical comedienne on SNL, and we were glad to get George some "exposure."

Just kidding.

I don't know why - but for some reason you kind of always hope that "famous" people are really nice when you get to meet them in normal terms. It kind of spoils it when you find out they are jerks.

Contrast this to my co-worker Matt (24 fans - SPOILER ALERT) who had a run-in with a drunken Kiefer Sutherland who threatened to "kick all of" Matt's "a**es." Heard he was butting heads (literally) with the public again. Does it tarnish the fact that Jack Bauer, American Hero is kind of a royal jerk? I wouldn't know - I boycott the show for ethical reasons ; )

Happy Monday blogland.


8 weeks and new nicknames

Today was George's 8 week visit. In addition to a regular checkup - George also got his first round of shots. Huge needles. George was very sad, but quickly recovered as soon as we picked him up. He's been sleepy most of the day.

The true highlight of his visit was asking Doc where George ranked percentiles-wise. Prior to this visit, we hadn't thought to ask so we really were in the dark in terms of where George stands compared to other babies. I know that you can take these with a grain of salt, but I think you'll all agree that George's are quite striking.

Weight - 41%
Head Circumference - 52%
Height - 98%

Yes!!! I love these proportions. Not only are they Manute Bol-esque - but they bring to mind some very amusing pictures in my head. I love the fact that he's very average in the weight and head - but his height is a chart topper. These types of percentages have inspired a new nickname for our little guy:

The Georpedo


may day in los angeles

May Day is international Worker's (Labor) day - although you'd never know it in Los Estados Unidos. See, we like to keep our workers in suspense of our gratitude for them, until September. To add insult to injury, Labor Day is usually the last day neighborhood pools are open (at least in Colorado).

Los Angeles is a vibrant city and as such recognizes all sorts of days. May Day is no different. There are many days it pays to be a bicyclist in Los Angeles - but among them is May Day when parades literally paralyze downtown.

Sometime around 2:00 I noticed a ruckus en espanol and headed downstairs to enjoy the sights. Little did I know that my first glimpse would be of a celebrity incognito!

This parade had everything - and I mean everything... well, except white people. Ok, I take that back. There were a few sprinkled in here and there. The parade/protest was mostly to mobilize sentiments towards legalizing immigration. I know immigration is already legal - but I suppose there are folks on both sides of the fence (immigration pun - zing!) who'd like to see the process reformed.

I support people's rights to peaceably assemble - and this was a peaceful assembly if I ever saw one. It made me glad to be in a country where people can organize and be outside, enjoying the fresh air all while promoting their fervor for a cause. It is refreshing.

I'm not sure where I stand on the issue - but I'll tell you one stance of mine that is very firm. Are you having an event?
Will there be more than 20 people there?
Are people chanting?
Well then you darn well better have cotton candy in the shape of a large toilet brush to appease the masses or we've got a potential food-riot in the making.

Fortunately the protest organizers had this one covered with this gentleman rocking Old Glory Hacksaw Jim Duggan style.

As quickly as the protest came... it walked off slowly into the sunset, and by sunset I mean Broadway toward City Hall.

God Bless America.