8 weeks and new nicknames

Today was George's 8 week visit. In addition to a regular checkup - George also got his first round of shots. Huge needles. George was very sad, but quickly recovered as soon as we picked him up. He's been sleepy most of the day.

The true highlight of his visit was asking Doc where George ranked percentiles-wise. Prior to this visit, we hadn't thought to ask so we really were in the dark in terms of where George stands compared to other babies. I know that you can take these with a grain of salt, but I think you'll all agree that George's are quite striking.

Weight - 41%
Head Circumference - 52%
Height - 98%

Yes!!! I love these proportions. Not only are they Manute Bol-esque - but they bring to mind some very amusing pictures in my head. I love the fact that he's very average in the weight and head - but his height is a chart topper. These types of percentages have inspired a new nickname for our little guy:

The Georpedo


Johnny said...

At our daughter Lila's 4 month checkup, the nurse measured her. Then came back after entering things in the computer and measured her head a 2nd time. Then when the pediatrician came in. She took a look at the charts and said she wanted measure something again. So she measure Lila's head a 3rd time. Next she asked if we would mind if she measured me and my wife's heads. Then with relief she told us that my wife and I are both in the 90+ percentile head circumference and that explained why Lila was like 5 standard deviations above the 99 percentile line. For Lila's sake we didn't give her any nicknames.

Dawn D. Lion said...

I am totally laughing at the picture. Good job. Georpedo, haha!

Serena Cherry said...

Hilarious photo. It made me laugh so I showed Lane and she seemed a little confused..."is that a picture of him?"
me: "just his head."
Lane: "oh."
and then she just stared some more and went back to what she was doing.

david said...

this is very amusing to me. at first i'm sure you were a little alarmed as to why lila's noggin drew so much attention. i think a big head is way better than a pinhead - any day of the week.

thanks - my photoshop skills are blossoming every day.

so... lane thought george was a torpedo?

clyde said...

Johnny - Nothing against your daughter but that is a pretty funny story. Actually really funny.

Pulse- What are George's numbers? Myler goes in for his visit this on Friday and it would be interesting to see how they compared after their first two months. I love your nickname... me being one to give nicknames and all... Myler has about ten so far. Poor little guy.

MiaKatia said...

Hilarious photo! Georpedo is brilliant. This makes me excited for Blake's appointment next week. Although if he is anything like his siblings he will be a shrimp with a big head. Although not quite to the level of Johnny's daughter.

david said...

Thanks mia. The photo shoot was fun - as you can see George thoroughly enjoyed sliding into a torpedo costume.

Serena Cherry said...

I think Lane wondered if George really was a torpedo. She was very confused.

Christi said...

David ... I like seeing that you keep up your blog. My husband Ryan does ours ... www.thelukeclan.blogspot.com.

I know we've never met but Ashley and I are good friends from high school. Our families are actually pretty good friends as well so I hope one day we can meet.

George is SOOOO cute!!!!

Christi Luke