george's brush with fame

Saturday Ashley, George and I had lunch with our friend Adrian at Rutt's Hawaiian Cafe. As we sat down - Adrian pointed out that we were within ear shot of Molly Shannon. You might remember her from her time on SNL where she played the awkward catholic school girl, Mary Catherine Gallagher - or the proud fifty year old - Sally O'Malley. Now she's on a show (or at least was, I don't know if its still on) called Kath & Kim.

Anyhoo - celeb sitings are always fun in Los Angeles - but rarely do you get a chance to talk to them in a non-stalker type of way.

She was eating with her family - including two children. Ashley noticed that her kids were done with lunch and had taken notice of George - you could tell that they wanted to see him. Ashley said, "do you want to see the baby?"

They nodded enthusiastically. I got up and picked George's seat up for a bit so they could see. Shortly thereafter Molly got up and had a brief chat with us. She asked us his name, how old he was. She said that George was very cute and commented on how much she loved babies and being a mother. She was very warm and genuine - it made us very happy. I always thought she was such a talented physical comedienne on SNL, and we were glad to get George some "exposure."

Just kidding.

I don't know why - but for some reason you kind of always hope that "famous" people are really nice when you get to meet them in normal terms. It kind of spoils it when you find out they are jerks.

Contrast this to my co-worker Matt (24 fans - SPOILER ALERT) who had a run-in with a drunken Kiefer Sutherland who threatened to "kick all of" Matt's "a**es." Heard he was butting heads (literally) with the public again. Does it tarnish the fact that Jack Bauer, American Hero is kind of a royal jerk? I wouldn't know - I boycott the show for ethical reasons ; )

Happy Monday blogland.


Sarah said...

Really?! Kiefer Sutherland was a jerk? I'm so sad to hear that. Dan and I actually watch the show and you do hope that the actors are nice in real life. So sad to hear he's a drunk jerk.

Serena Cherry said...

I blame Kiefer's attitude on his intense role. Well, he might just be a jerk, but we had to stop watching the show because it stressed us out so bad. Can you blame him for acting a little crazy? Ha!

"exposure?" Ha! That was really funny. George is quite a looker, really.

Chris Cherry said...

david, i am inspired to go through our photos tonight on our computer and draw an arrow to random strangers in the background and claim they are celebrities.... just kidding!
it is pretty cool to think that now you can take george to kid actor tryouts and tell them that molly shannon thinks he has real potential.

Blythe said...

I think you should take to name dropping. ("Well, as Molly Shannon was saying the other day...you know, THE Molly Shannon).