may day in los angeles

May Day is international Worker's (Labor) day - although you'd never know it in Los Estados Unidos. See, we like to keep our workers in suspense of our gratitude for them, until September. To add insult to injury, Labor Day is usually the last day neighborhood pools are open (at least in Colorado).

Los Angeles is a vibrant city and as such recognizes all sorts of days. May Day is no different. There are many days it pays to be a bicyclist in Los Angeles - but among them is May Day when parades literally paralyze downtown.

Sometime around 2:00 I noticed a ruckus en espanol and headed downstairs to enjoy the sights. Little did I know that my first glimpse would be of a celebrity incognito!

This parade had everything - and I mean everything... well, except white people. Ok, I take that back. There were a few sprinkled in here and there. The parade/protest was mostly to mobilize sentiments towards legalizing immigration. I know immigration is already legal - but I suppose there are folks on both sides of the fence (immigration pun - zing!) who'd like to see the process reformed.

I support people's rights to peaceably assemble - and this was a peaceful assembly if I ever saw one. It made me glad to be in a country where people can organize and be outside, enjoying the fresh air all while promoting their fervor for a cause. It is refreshing.

I'm not sure where I stand on the issue - but I'll tell you one stance of mine that is very firm. Are you having an event?
Will there be more than 20 people there?
Are people chanting?
Well then you darn well better have cotton candy in the shape of a large toilet brush to appease the masses or we've got a potential food-riot in the making.

Fortunately the protest organizers had this one covered with this gentleman rocking Old Glory Hacksaw Jim Duggan style.

As quickly as the protest came... it walked off slowly into the sunset, and by sunset I mean Broadway toward City Hall.

God Bless America.


Dawn D. Lion said...

Just wanted to say I enjoyed this post.

david said...

thanks dawn. i was started to feel unappreciated.