aunt serena comes to town!

We are very lucky... we have two lovely Serena's in our family. Aunt Serena, and Niece Serena. This last weekend Auntie Serena came to visit. George was so excited to meet her, as soon as she met him George let out an enormous smile.

Aunt Serena brought a lot of adventure to town with her:

Neighborhood walks

Good conversation

George's first dip in a pool

And his favorite - lounging poolside with mom

We had a great time with Serena - come back anytime.


Dawn D. Lion said...

Cool! Is that your pool? Must be warm there.

david said...

no, it is not our pool. our friends, the heder's had us over.

it was a really warm day. probably in the high 80's or something.

Sarah said...

I like Auntie Serena too. I think she needs to come to LA to visit more often.

Liz said...

Ashley is so stinkin beautiful sometimes I want to hate her.

But I don't.

Because I love her.

George is a cutie pie and I'm so happy for you guys!

Serena Cherry said...

Yea!!! I loved coming out! I miss George already, of course! Can't wait to come see him again. I really really wish we lived closer! Thanks to you guys for all of the adventures! I had a blast!