family reunion & colorado trip recap

Last week we went back to Colorado for the Pulsipher family reunion and to spend time with Ashley's family as well. We did a lot of fun things, and both Ashley and I took a lot of joy in seeing George play with his cousins. There is something special about seeing your child interact with your sibling's children. It is very special and made us long to live closer to all of them.

Before we went to the reunion, we went camping with my sisters Blythe and Dawn and their families. George quickly took to his older cousin Ivan. They were in hysterics for the better part of an hour throwing pebbles at/near each other. This is them during a "reload" moment.

It was so fun to be in a place where George could run as fast and as far as he wanted without fear of traffic, cars, or other urban maladies. Los Angeles, like most big cities, is fraught with boundaries and limits for kids. It was refreshing to see George in an opposite setting.

This is a shot looking out from our campsite. It sprinkled for a little bit that evening, and then cleared up to create this beautiful scene and even graced us with a double rainbow.

I underestimated the importance of a pillow, and had a really big crick in my neck the next morning. Both times we've gone camping we've wondered how George would sleep. So far, he's an emphatic 2-0. He tossed and turned a little bit, boxing out snuggling up with Ashley and I intermittently through out the night. Didn't wake up until about 6:30 or so... which is pretty darn good for camping. George, Ivan and Maxine were all smiles the next morning.

Sleeping at night with George was a piece of cake. Naps on the other hand are pretty much a no-go. This is a surreptitious shot from Ashley as I tried to read George a story to get him to drift off into a sleepy mountain daze. No luck.

After we camped a night we went up to my parents house about 5.5 miles southwest of the bustling metropolis, Hartsel. George got to pal around with his adorable cousin Serena, who he loved (obviously).

There's not really a lot to do up at my parents house, except all of the important stuff. Talk, relax, watch tv, browse the internet, eat... and totally recharge all of your life's batteries. We love going up there and rejuvenating ourselves.

The trampoline was a huge part of me and my brother's adolescent lives. It really was the "other" brother. Sleep outs, "reading days" where mom would let us stay home from school in a trade off for reading all day, endless games, winter/snow jumping, summer sprinkler escapades... I can't imagine my childhood without it. Though we did some completely idiotic things on it, I have to say I think I want my kids to have a trampoline when they grow up. Now it's gone off to retirement at my parents house, but does see sporadic use by the grandkids.

Though I take the majority of our pictures (I don't know why), Ashley takes the vast majority of our good pictures. Ashley caught this gem of George looking very Polo Ralph Lauren.

Another quality picture by Ashley - National Geographic quality people!

After a night up at my parents house, we descended from the hills to a quaint little town called Manitou Springs for the reunion. As soon as we got to Colorado, George got a cold and had some serious booger-nose. It was tough on him, and any illness-related irritability was exacerbated by trips outside where well intentioned parents mistakenly rubbed sunscreen into his eyes.

Despite feeling under the weather, it was nothing that cousin Maxine and a trip to Sonic for some slushies couldn't fix. Maxine is a great older cousin - she's like the pied piper for all the cousins.

It was so hot in Colorado that week. The sun was so bright, that when we were out I felt like we were standing under Rick Moranis' giant magnifying glass. It was like a white light. Fortunately Rainbow Lodge had a hearty air conditioner and a pool that everyone frequented multiple times each day. This is Maxine, Leeaira and George.

The photo-opp of the reunion. Five cousins all born within a year or so of each other. The Pulsipher baby-boom has officially started. George, Leeaira, Jada, Serena, Ivan.

After the reunion we spent some time with Ashley's family. Off to Grandma & Granpa Potter's house. Their newly refurbished backyard featured every grandson's dream... a fountain to throw tiny pebbles into.

Ok, I know these first two pictures make it seem like we never clothed George. But we did honest. In addition to enjoying pebble throwing, George also enjoyed delicious treats like chocolate cake and strawberries and cream. Mmmboy.

We also went for a bike ride to "Old Colorado City," a quasi-historic commercial district in Colorado Springs for a delicious lunch at La Baguette. I had the chicken salad croissant. Ashley, laughed in the face of the 90 degree temperature and ordered a steamy bowl of fondue. Despite serious reservations (on my part) it proved to be an excellent choice.

George was particularly fond of Ashley's bread that came with her fondue. He wasn't as passionate about the child's tortellini we ordered him. You'll note George pointing with his other finger, indicating "where you can go" if you try to take the bread from him.

All that carb loading got George nice and sleepy. He took some great naps at Grandma & Granpa's house - which afforded me a true indulgence - all the discovery channel programming (at high def, to boot) I could cram into my head. We gave up cable about a year ago (don't really miss it that much with Tivo and Netflix), but it's nice to soak your brain with some delicious cable TV on vacation.

We had a fantastic trip and can't wait to go back. Thanks to everyone who made our trip special, convenient, and fun.



Days are longer. Days are lazy. Lotsa summertime fun...

lotsa bike rides... our friend Adrian loaned us one of his bikes that fits Ashley a lot better than her other bike. We've been taking advantage big time (no we don't ride with George in the front basket. I may let my child fall off stages but I don't let him ride in a basket).

lotsa dressing up like a barbershop quartet. George is becoming increasingly dependent and is getting more comfortable doing his own thing, singing his own songs, changing his own diapers, fixing his own eggs benedict...

lotsa tank tops... Ashley discovered this gem and we quickly discovered that tank tops are a favorite "must have" for any southern californian baby boy. Grown men? No thanks.

tank tops pt. 2 - lotsa looking manly. George is getting bigger and bigger. At night we go into his room and look at him sleep, and are amazed at how big he's getting. Then we nestle in for a couple of episodes of our new obsession and worry about what kind of teenager he'll grow up to be. One of our friends at church commented that George walks just like me. I like to think that I do a little less arm waving and spins but... what do I know?

lotsa hangin' out with Abe. Ashley and Kimber are doing a baby swap where they take turns watching both the boys Monday-Thursday. It's been a crash course on two baby parenting and I don't know how they do it, but it's allowed them to work and more importantly, given Abe and George ample time to become very close friends and develop a very sweet little friendship.

We're heading home this week for a family reunion. Excited to see friends and family. We hope you are all having a great summer - George, Ashley & David

man of/off the stage

In one of those unfortunate, ill-timed events - I found myself running to console George just after he fell off the stage at church. Bad timing. He likes to walk along the stage, and they had just set up some tables so it prevented me from being right there next to him. Then, as I was walking around the table a group of people emerged and wedged themselves between me and George. I knew what was going to happen before it did, and immediately started pushing my way through the group of people. I was kind of mad at them (for not telepathically knowing that I'd need them to be out of my way), mad at myself, and mad at everyone else in the room who thought I was a delinquent parent.

Ever had one of those moments?