man of/off the stage

In one of those unfortunate, ill-timed events - I found myself running to console George just after he fell off the stage at church. Bad timing. He likes to walk along the stage, and they had just set up some tables so it prevented me from being right there next to him. Then, as I was walking around the table a group of people emerged and wedged themselves between me and George. I knew what was going to happen before it did, and immediately started pushing my way through the group of people. I was kind of mad at them (for not telepathically knowing that I'd need them to be out of my way), mad at myself, and mad at everyone else in the room who thought I was a delinquent parent.

Ever had one of those moments?


Serena Cherry said...

Oh no! And was this the week Ashley wasn't at church?? He'll recover! Those stages always freak me out!

david said...

no, ashley was there. it was just my turn. i watch him during sunday school, ashley during priesthood/relief society.

darn those sister missionaries!

Dawn D. Lion said...

Everyone has those parenting moments. I believe my first one was when I was walking with baby Maxine, for some reason didn't buckle her into her stroller, hit a bump on the sidewalk, and he went flying into the street.
It's character building.

Anonymous said...

David, if I told you about all the times things happened to my kids, you would have me arrested. Priscilla Alls well that ends well, right?