aunt serena comes to town!

We are very lucky... we have two lovely Serena's in our family. Aunt Serena, and Niece Serena. This last weekend Auntie Serena came to visit. George was so excited to meet her, as soon as she met him George let out an enormous smile.

Aunt Serena brought a lot of adventure to town with her:

Neighborhood walks

Good conversation

George's first dip in a pool

And his favorite - lounging poolside with mom

We had a great time with Serena - come back anytime.


like father, like son

I am a punctual person. It's no secret. I've said this before, and I'll say it again. I'd rather be two hours early than five minutes late. I know that sounds drastic and I'm sorry you feel that way, but it's the truth.

I know that most baby behavior diagnoses are largely anecdotal, but I do recall Ashley reading that babies often begin to smile in response to outside stimulus (i.e., their parents) at around 6 weeks.

Guess who crashed the party - right on time?My proudest moment will not be when George graduates from college, but when he's packed and ready to go to the airport 30 minutes before I even start to get anxious about our two hour buffer.



It seems like somewhere along the way Easter became as much of a tradition to get dolled up in pastels, as it is religious observance. In that vein, we decided to get George dressed to the nines. First attempt, the Newsie hat.

After laughing until we had tears in our eyes... we thought something a little more reverent for church would do it. He must have thought he was in church already because he fell asleep as soon as we got him dressed.
George was an angel in church - and just like his poppa, fell asleep through almost all of sacrament meeting!

All in all it was a great Easter. Here we are - the Pulsiphers, Easter 2009. Los Angeles, California


laughts at three

Last night I awoke not to George, but to two cars full of hooligans making a ruckus. Slamming car doors, laughing, cursing... obviously just the kind of thing you want to hear at 3:00 in the morning.

I was gawking at them, sending them hate daggers with my eyes (I didn't have glasses on). Ashley came in after just feeding George and said that she had been watching them for a while and that they didn't look like people to be trifled with.

[Side bar]
We live right off of the highway and there is a constant, mississippi-esque flow of delinquents getting pulled over by highway patrol for speeding, drunk driving, and other sorts of nefarious behavior.
[Side bar end]

I guess one of the cars got pulled over, and then another car came to rescue the original car. I put my glasses on and concurred with Ashley that they were men not to be trifled with.

In my disgruntled state, I told Ashley that "I'll give them ten minutes, before I call the cops."

Ashley said, "You will not call the cops, I don't believe it."
I said, "I will call the cops, I'm angry."
Ashley said, "You'll never call them."
I said, "I'll call the cops on you."

We both laughed and shortly after fell asleep. Ashley is a great wife, mother and friend.


he sleeps where he wants

even on top of a caveman at the airport.


this blog will not become a george expose

but it's kind of tempting when he's so cute. witty, incisive commentary will follow shortly.