5 month picture extravaganza

George is five months old today and has experienced several firsts. It's been a while since we've posted and a lot has transpired since... A brief photo shoot aught to catch everyone up to speed

Hangin' out with uncle Collin and Shelby at Tellefson Park

First bowtie to church. Also, first subtle act of fashion dissent.

Telling screaming secrets to dad

Bath time with Mom

George's first trip to the Getty (Ashley gazes off into Los Angeles)

First trip to Amoeba Records for Ashley and George

Napping in the baby bjorn

First baseball game!

The only place to sit for a Dodgers game

First stink face caught on camera

Sat next to our friends Keith & Leslie at the game

George looking like a glutton

Dad looking like a glutton (first trip to In & Out/ketchup disaster)

At the park with aunt Dawn, Maxine & Ivan

More scheduled visits from family - with aunt Lashley due out next month. Can't wait.

Post Script:
When we were at the park, Maxine and I were playing on the playground together. Meanwhile, a well intentioned lad came up to Maxine and asked her, "what's your name?" Maxine paused, somewhat annoyed, then said hesitantly, "maxine."

She then rolled her eyes, looked at me and said, "some kids just pop out of nowhere." So amazing. It's funny how such a complex level of sociality, (i.e. those without social grace infringing on those of us who do) can be typified so perfectly among children on the playground.


Serena Cherry said...

What a cute little fellow! I love the baseball game ones and the one where he is attacking David's face. So cute. I can't wait to spend more time with my little nephew.

Sarah said...

Ashley, you look absolutely gorgeous in the "bath-time" picture! Your eyes just pop and look amazing! Just had to tell ya that! And George is cute too, but that goes without saying.

Benson and Jaimi said...

Those were some great firsts, especially the bow tie. I hope he ventures out into other ties, perhaps a bolo tie?

It's also good to see you hanging out with some hometown favorites, the Paughs.

david said...

ha, no bolo ties for george, although we might do the old timey western bow tie ala colonel sanders, if we can get our hands on one.

the youngs said...

Hey nice hat in the first pic, little George!! I like the idea of a colonel sanders tie...very nice. I also like the term old timey. I heard another I liked the other day: jam bandy.

the youngs said...

oh, fill us in...how much did you eat at the baseball game? Can you top Sean's 5 hot dogs??? I think he is training to compete with Kobiashi!!

david said...

i did five without breaking a sweat, plus 6 diet cokes and a bag of peanuts.

i could've done seven probably, if i skipped lunch.

i had the sixth one all ready to eat, but i let it sit under my chair for a hobo to pick up.

Fee_dizzle said...

Dang so many 1st how are you going to keep up with all of them