the first supper

At George's 4 month check up our doc told us that we could introduce George to solid foods. Timidly, we began that process. George gobbles up anything that gets in his mouth, hands, paper, grass, medicine - so we had little doubt that he'd like "big boy food." See the results for yourself below

Welcome to the real world of food George. May you enjoy a long and happy relationship with it.

post script:
you'll note my amateur camera skills. Eventually we hope to be able to capture video in a way that doesn't look like an a. 3rd grader took it or b. an embedded journalist in Afghanistan. Patience por favor.


Ashley Thalman said...

First of all I love that kid's name.
About him eating- yes! Welcome Ashley and David to the wonderful land of feeding your first born- so fun.

And...Ashley, I love that you spilled the milk.

Clyde and Mik'L said...

It's so fun to watch you guys go through the same things we are going through! George does really good to open up and take a bite...I have to shove the spoon in Myler's mouth and scrape it off his gums. Clyde wants to be lazy and just add some to the bottle. We are going to try veggies soon too!

Serena Cherry said...

I hope you enjoy your gruel. Nothing but gruel for the next few months, buddy. I figured out that if I make enough noise my parents will play into my ploys and I get the good stuff. The high pitch scream seems to work the best. Welcome to the frequent diners club.

Anonymous said...

I was worried for a while that his first meal was going to be granola bar because it looked like one sitting on his high chair tray. I love seeing videos. Today I see a lot of David in him, but not how he eats...ha. Love, Grandma

Joe said...

What a cute little babe you guys have.

Enjoy the new diaper smells! This is when changing the diaper actually becomes a chore.

Alison said...

ASHLEY! What I loved most is how you acted as if you had just ruined Christmas when spilled that milk! You are the best mom ever! Love you guys!