we... had... the time of our lives

I'll let the pictures (and captions) do the talking:

Golfing with the Brothers in Law at Copper Mountain. Apparently the highest (elevation wise) professional ranked course in the world. 1oK+ above sea level. Personal highlight, driving the par 4 18th hole, three putting for par. I've done this 5 times.

Campfire in Breckenridge. Little known fact about Ashley. When she has her hood on, she's in a mischevious mood. She was out to prove that she made the best smores.

George and Mom next to the great Mississippi River.

Eliza looking eerily peaceful

That's better Eliza

Three things to note here: 1. Sportin' the ticket around my neck = cool. 2. My new "transition" glasses. I bought them for commuting. Pretty jaunty right? 3. Smug grin of satisfaction as I ascend peak 8 to partake in some alpine slide antics.

Croquet in the park. Check out that backdrop eh?

Ashley and George on the Danube

After a lovely week with Ashley's family in Breckenridge, we headed south to Denver. Denver hosted the democratic convention in 2008, and as you can see from the picture below politics were still in the air!

George pretending to be an old-timey democrat from Alabama at his cousin Serena's 1 year birthday party

George taking politics too far - posing as a socialist monarch!

Back up to Beuna Vista for a couple of days. The heavy rains had produced an incredible amount of wildflowers

George continues to take artistic liberties with headwear... modeling a flashy driving cap on Main Street, Buena Vista

Beautiful sunset up at Kolob (my parents house)

George was most impressed with his cousin Isaiah. They quickly became best friends

Plotting a socialist uprising. I smell a Junta...

In Denver one night we all went out for cupcakes. I had coconut creme, Ashley had red velvet.

Isaiah wanted that one (and got it)

Cupcake aftermath

George temporarly giving up headwear for accessories ala Kanye

Kanye George at the Market, Downtown Denver

For the 4th of July we went to my favorite place in the world for that celebration. My Alma Mater - CU. Boulder Colorado

One of my favorite parts of the celebration is the impromptu paper-airplane toss. Look at all those paper airplanes. The ultimate goal is to not only get them on the field, but to get them far out there. I'll give you one guess who the champion was this year.

Me suckers. It was so awesome. My airplane floated to its resting spot in what seemed like an eternity. I flexed my muscles in conjunction of a hoot worthy of a national hog calling winner.

Once it got dark, the fireworks began. George was pretty enamored with the spectacle. Look at that face.

My advice for flying - be flexible. While we were waiting for our flight in Denver to LA - they announced that the flight was overbooked and needed volunteers to catch the next flight a mere 55 minutes later. Ashley and I volunteered and we got 2 free vouchers PLUS a ride in first class on the way home. We were total impostors... if our life were a Sesame Street Episode of "One of these things doesn't belong" we'd clearly be the sore thumb. But that didn't stop us from downing all the free diet cokes we could handle while rubbing shoulders with the wall street journal folk. So awesome.

That's pretty much it. There was lots of fun, cousins, hugs and kisses to go around. Hopefully we'll be back in Colorado before too long.


Anonymous said...

David, you,Ashley and George are definitly first class. I like your photos of all of your fun in Colorado, but I especially like George. Maybe he should be a baby hat model-it could pay for his college.ha
Love, Priscilla

Serena Cherry said...

I already told Ashley that I absolutely love the small hats, but I also loved all the photos. It is fun to see what you were up to post-Breck.

MiaKatia said...

There is something deliciously hug-and-kissable about babies. George is adorable in those hats! What a fun vacation. Your pictures make me a wee bit home sick for Boulder.

Serena Cherry said...

George, in those pictures, looks really cute and he's really fun and he is a fun friend and he's a nice cousin and I like him. I really love him. I like his hats. I love him so much as big as my mom.

david said...

oh lane... george loves you too! if he could talk he would say:

"my cousin lane is so grown up and distinguished. she has great taste in musicals and always has something funny to say"