goin up to the co(lorad)untry

Hey guys. We're really looking forward to these next two weeks. We're leaving the big city and goin up to the country... er, Colorado. We are so excited, our sentiments are probably best expressed through song.

Not that we've been completely stuck in the city. A couple of weeks ago, we went to Yosemite and had a really lovely time.
Ashley & George at Glacier Point

Our lodgings at the Wawona Hotel

Ashley and I often become nostalgic about Colorado - despite the fact that Los Angeles has really come to charm us. George has a lot of family to meet. Lots of firsts on the trip for George. First plane ride. First time in Colorado... first time joining a band promoting a carefree lifestyle?

Posts may dip off... they may not. If you're in Colorado these next couple of weeks, look us up. We'll be in Breckenridge the first week, and then Denver the second. We're also planning on capping off the trip with one of my favorite Americana events - fireworks at Folsom Field.

My favorite part of this event, is the informal paper airplane contest. Lots of pictures to come.


Dawn D. Lion said...

I think your photoshop skills are my favorite thing about your blog.
Have a great time! I am, of course, jealous. We'll be there next summer.
And that picture of Ashley and George in Ysmite is stunning!

david said...

yeah, it is great. thanks for the photoshop compliments dawn! i think i'm going to be doing a lot more of them. it's very amusing to me.

Liz said...

We are so SO exicted to see you guys!

Also, we haven't been to fulsom field for the fireworks? maybe we'll have to head up with you guys.

See you soon!

Sarah said...

Gosh, I love that song! Brings back some good memories to me of hanging out with my older brother. Random, I know.

Have fun in Colorado!

Anonymous said...

David, I am convinced that the flute player in Canned Heat is none other than Hurley fro LOST...
He must go back to the 60's when he's done with the 70's. What do you think? Who knew...