the birth of an embarrassing nickname

What is the definition of an embarrassing nickname - one that you are proud to use in the home, but you'd be reticent to let it be heard in use, in public.

Not sure if you've ever had an embarrassing nickname for your child, but this is the derivative path of one of ours.

Bub => Bubs => Bubby => Bubsy => Cousin Bubsy
Any embarrassing nickname's you have for your children, and how they came about?


Blythe said...

Embarrassing nicknames like "David Clarkie, found him in the parkie?" Partly from One Fish, Two Fish, but partly from sheer creative genius.

What are big sisters for, if not to embarrass you on the internet?

david said...

c'mon blythe... david clarky found him in the parky isn't that bad.

ONLY in that we are making light of how mom "found" me in the park.

and by found, we all know that she stole me from a gypsy woman.

Dawn D. Lion said...

Hmmm, mysister calls me Dooncis and uses it on facebook. It was Dawn- Doon - + Tooncis the driving cat from SNL = Dooncis. Stuck like glue.

Maxine was Bean for a long long time, I think Jason still calls her that, but that's not too bad. Ivan is Snarfy sometimes. I imagine that would get embarrassing by kindergarten. More often, I call him "Sir" or "Mister" which come to think of it would also be really embarrassing when shouted by your mom across the playground.

the youngs said...

Well, Sean used to call me Marisser Squisher, then it became just Squisher, then Squish. Once Lucy was born she was the Mini-Squisher which somehow became Mini McSquish. So Lucy is Mini McSquish.

david said...

these are great.

i love "sir" for ivan dawn.

and mini mcsquish definitely qualifies... as embarrassing, but cute of course

Blythe said...

Who would have thought I'd be calling you Dooncis for over twenty years? Or that my kids would call you Aunt Doo?

Also, my kids answer to names like Woolie, Aberforth, Dunk, and Noon.

Gwendolyn said...

So it's Christmas night--everyone is exhausted, a boring movie is on, and I'm blog surfing. I think, "Hey, Ashley once said they have a blog, I wonder if I can find it?" And lo, here it is! I'm loving the pictures of George--what a cutie. Sinjin misses him. Hope you guys are having a great vacation :)

The other day someone felt the need to tell me about the future gross (and yes, embarrassing) nicknames people will give my baby: "Living in Sin(jin)" and the like. Hopefully we can avoid that--so far he's answering to JinJin.

Johnny said...

I went down the bub - bubs - bubba road with my boy. Then I remembered a kid in high school that everybody still called Bubba. I decided to roll things back to safer waters and didn't stray from bub/bubs any more.