ginger bread extravaganza

Last week we got together with our neighbors the Barnwells and had a ginger bread house raising... much like an Amish barn raising.  It was a lot of fun.  Here are the entrants:

Chelsy went for the classic, candyland approach.  Picturesque, quaint, delicious!

Ashley went for the... "big on landscape, little on house."  Unfortunately she didn't finish as she got distracted by the party and putting George to sleep.  She didn't want the paparazzi (me) to take a picture of it.

I went for the classic, Frank Loyd Wright's Falling Waters.  I have never gone for something so ambitious and I was certainly limited by the medium and patience, but I was happy with the overall end result.

Tyler went for the ultimate neo-gothic castle.  Fresh with suspension bridge held up by licorice strings!

Look at that attention to detail!  Tyler definitely wins the craftsmanship award.

Here's Ashley's submission.  As she was putting the finishing touches on it I heard her say under her breath, "Ashley, you've done it again, another masterpiece."  : )

We also went to see Santa at our Church Christmas Party.  As we placed George on his lap, George kept his arms stiff as a board, as if he wanted to keep contact at a minimum at all costs.

We hope you are all having a great Christmas and Holiday season.


Serena Cherry said...

I loved and recognized Ashley's hand extension! David, your house is a classic. Very well done!

kimber said...

Extremely impressive

Liz said...

Ashley thinks she's so awesome.