new years eve, bozeman style

Happy New Year's everyone.  2011 looks to be a promising year.  2010 was full of joy, and sadness as we left our dear home of California.  Though we miss our friends so much, we are trying to make the best of our new surroundings and fortunately have fallen into a crowd that spares no expense when it comes to fun.  This year started off with a bang, as we partook in our neighbors tradition of Flaming Snow.

So I'm sure you - like me are unfamiliar with the tradition of flaming snow.  Legend has it that this tradition was born out of some idle eager minds, looking to have some fun.  As I'm sure this is your first exposure to the past time, I'll walk you through it.

Step 1:  Procure gasoline laced snow and gather it in a shovel.

Step 2:  Light it on fire and prepare to launch it trebuchet style

Step 3: Launch flaming snow into the air creating a nordic spectacle the likes of which ye have never before seen.

Step 4:  Repeat steps 1-3 as mob dictates

New Years Eve was awesome.  Weather clothing was a must as it was -17°F.  The cold front didn't damper the mood.  We had plenty of spirit, snow and gasoline to welcome in the new year.

Like Ashley, our neighbor Tyler served his mission in Russia.  Just when the party was looking like it would fade, Ashley and Tyler treated us all to some Russian folk dancing that kept everyone clapping until sunrise.

After the folk dancing demonstration, we ushered in the new years with the classic "2011" gas tribute.  I have a cool sequence of this lighting up on flickr if any of you are interested.

Here is a picture of Ashley at the foot of the 2011.  She was just about to run through it barefoot before I stopped her in the midst of her new year's fever.

Here we are... wishing you all a happy 2011 from Bozeman Montana.  George would've liked to join the festivities but he was soundly asleep in his bed.


Serena Cherry said...

Yes!!! I LOVE Bozeman! This would actually keep me interested enough to stay up until midnight, as it was I was super bored and went to bed at 10pm...at a party. Just kidding, no party, but definitely no flaming snow! I love the Russian hats being brought out!

deb said...

Montana looks good on you guys! Fire snow seems fun but CRAZY. Does it have to be so close to cars? Sheesh.

Glad you're having fun out there.

Dawn D. Lion said...

In the words of Tanto, or was it Tarzan? "Fire good." Any party that ends in Russian dancing has got to be good! HNY to you all.

the youngs said...

I love the bundled up look on you! The hats with earflaps are super cool. Can we come to Bozeman to ring in 2012?

ashley said...

sean & marissa & lucy... absolutely!

nomadic gnome said...

do you just look around all the time and utter, "now THIS is living".

i saw the fire pictures and immediately panicked. us city dwellers are such pansies compared to you.