birthday recap

Last weekend was my birthday.  Thanks to all for the facebook well-wishes.  I had a near perfect day.  Aside from the sciatica I've been dealing with lately - Saturday's events went off sans hitch.

To start it off, Ashley made a delicious chocolate chip coffee cake, with streussel.  I had no idea what she was making at the time, but it was an awesome surprise.  Coffe cake is probably my favorite food.  Even those hostess ones rank pretty high up there on my list.

After a lazy morning, our day got even lazier and George took a nice nap, allowing both of us to take naps ourselves.  Ashley had just got back from a trip to see her parents and came in on a late night flight.  So she and George were exhausted.  I was exhausted because the last two weeks I've been waking up at 4 am from sciatica pain, unable to get back to sleep.   Suffice it to say, the nap was a great birthday gift.

After our naps we hung around some more and played - and then headed out for dinner at Famous Dave's.  Ever since we moved to Bozeman I've had my eye on that place, and told Ashley I wanted to go there for my birthday.  Its not that its the best bbq around, but it is pretty darn good.  The portions are very generous and the atmosphere is perfect for a rambunctious toddler.  Ashley was a little worried that she'd be put off by the smell, but when she got in she immediately was reassured that she was in the mood for barbecue.

Here's a picture of George & Ashley pre-meal.  Do you like Ashley's scarf?  I always give Ashley a hard time about her scarf "fleet" because she could probably cover half the necks in Bozeman.  Despite this, she always has an itch for more and this one came courtesy of me from a cute little shop downtown.  It was a good find if I do say so me-self.

We ordered some miniature corn dogs for George. He had a couple, but was more interested in peeking at the people sitting on the other side of the window from us, and telling hilarious jokes.  You can see that he's in the middle of a punch line right here:

The Pulsipher family, January 22 2011.  This is the only good picture I got of my friendly mutton chops.  I grew it in Ashley's absence.  I saw this style on a guy when I was doing some work up in Whitefish and I thought it looked pretty bad-a so I tried it for myself.  The jury is still out on whether or not it's the style for me - but it was something fun to do.

It was a great birthday and a perfect one with my family.  Every day we get a little more comfortable and happy about our new life. Hope you are all enjoying your winters.


Serena Cherry said...

A happy Birthday indeed! Love the scarf! Glad you had a good day.

the youngs said...

Glad it was good one! I am sure it doesn't quite compare to 2008's C & O garlic knots in the rain, but you can't go wrong with BBQ...speaking of BBQ, if you want the best, get down here to Tennessee!!

david said...

sounds like a plan marissa - maybe a road trip is just what the doctor ordered.

Liz said...

Happy belated Bday, David!

Scott requested Famous Dave's for his birthday last year. I'm not a huge meat-eater these days, and, like Ashley, I was also worried it would sick me out. But it was actually really good. Worth the 45 minute drive from our house? Only on a birthday...

david said...

eww... i don't know if it's 45 minute drive good, but, it's still good. one of the best "comfort" food places, no doubt.

Courtney said...

Happy birthday, David! Sounds like it was quite the day. I like that family picture - Ashley, you look great! Just today, Andy and I were talking about how we want to make a Montana visit, check out Bozeman, hang out with you guys and hike up in Glacier. It inspired me to have a look at your blog and now that I know there's a Famous Dave's there we'll be on a plane shortly. Honestly, at first I thought you wanted to go to Dave and Buster's...luckily you added the bit about the bbq and it clicked.