big news, pulsipherad is turning into a food blog

Over Thanksgiving and with a little help from Ashley, I made my first pumpkin pie. I documented the highlights and I was inspired to quit my job and rebrand this blog.  I'm going to take super high quality pictures of the meals I make, in painstaking detail.  Don't try to talk me out of it... because I know no one's thought of this idea already.

It was a pretty good pie though... all joking aside.


Serena Cherry said...

It looks fabulous! I think you should be a food blogger now. Everyone will flock to the Bozeman cuisine blog! The pie looks great! The crust is awesome! Did you use the recipe I sent Ashely? No hurt feelings if you didn't...except I'd be totally offended and wouldn't talk to you for years.

david said...

i don't know... actually. i just did was ashley told me to do. like a very wise, compliant husband should do in the kitchen.