retiring the food blog, now on to death defying adventures

8 foot plus icicle on our roof.  I knocked it down with a shovel and it seriously almost knocked me over. 

Photoshop recreation and scale so you can see the magnitude of this bad boy.


Serena Cherry said...

That photoshop made me "LOL" ha ha. Seriously though, that was insane! I love icicles. I always have. They are really pretty and cool to look at. Did you lick it?

the youngs said...

This makes me very excited for the Pulsipher Christmas Card!!

david said...

nope, it it the ground and shattered. in a perfect world i would've surgically removed it. and then take it down in one piece so i could pose next to it like i caught a prized sturgeon.

haha... you know it marissa. we'll be doing a real one... and my version as well, of course. coming soon to an inbox near you.

clyde said...

That icicle made you look not so big... and your a man of taller stature than most of us. If safety wasn't an issue you should have just let it make it's way to the ground. The girth at the top seemed large enough to hold the weight all the way down?