we finally got our piece of the pie....

After a tumultuous, drama filled house-hunt - we have finally found our little urban oasis.

When I lived in England - it seemed like people where moving all the time. This was problematic as we tried to make appointments with them, for example:
Me - can we come by and see you guys next week?
Them - Nope, canna do next week, I'm movin' house
Me - Oh really - where are you moving?
Them - up the street two houses.
Me - (speechless)

People in England move all the time. At least, a lot of the people I met. And they move really short distances. Up the street, over a block, down two roads. It is really amusing, and also quite charming that families stay so close together, and the strength of communities are forged by decades of familial territoriality.

So after two years of scoffing at the notion of the British Style of moving.... we are doing it ourselves.

We are moving one mile south of where we currently live - in a fortuitous twist of fate. We are really happy to be staying in this side of town, close to Ashley's work, close to grocery stores, and still far enough away for me to get a great ride downtown.

We'll be moving in October 20th. If you are in the area, need exercise, and would like some free pizza - come lend a hand. No one will be turned away.


Johnny said...

Moving seems like a more legitimate reason than I usually got for being busy for an entire week.

Them: Nope, canna do next week, I'm goin' ta store.


Them: Nope, canna do next week, doing me laundry.

MF said...

If you get enough people, maybe you can make a bucket brigade type line down the street. That would negate a moving truck.

david said...

true mf... but it might be hard to move ashley's antique grand piano collection that way.

the youngs said...

Dang, we would love to help--we totally owe you after the painting party, but we'll be out of town. ;)

Craig said...

I'd love to come but... shoot, it turns out I still live in Utah. Shoot.