"the best two years..."

After many LDS missionaries return home they confess, "that was the best two years of my life." The picture on the left is me and one of my best friends, Philip Bond in Preston England. We were attending the open house of the Preston England Temple in May of 1998.

I wouldn't trade my mission for anything. It was a remarkable time and I'm honored that I was able to serve my church and represent my beliefs. I learned a lot about work, life, and what I want out of it.

Two years is an interesting period of time. October marks my two year anniversary as a bicycle commuter. I can honestly say - it has been the best commuting years of my life. As I was riding home tonight, I thought about what I might say. I thought about a funny line from the movie Fever Pitch. The line comes at a seminal moment in the movie, where one of Jimmy Fallon's students (he's a teacher) says to him, All these years you've loved the Red Sox, but can you honestly say that the Red Sox have ever loved you back?

The sage-like wisdom from his pupil helps Jimmy's character decide to give up his valued seats at a Red Sox game, and pursue his love for Drew Barrymore's character. I really love that part of the movie - because it makes me think about the reciprocity needed in love.

People love their cars... but do their cars ever love them back? For the most part, cars are money pits that take, and take, and take. They don't give anything back. I know that cars are a necessary part of life and they provide safe and comfortable means of transportation for many. But lets face it - they pollute, cost a lot of money, break down... not to mention the hassle of traffic, insurance, and the host of other headaches that come from car-concerns.

On the other hand - the last two years of bicycle-commuting have been so rewarding. I've become so familiar with my city. I'm recognized by school crossing guards. I have interesting conversations with strangers. I get almost two hours of exercise every day. I don't put any harmful materials into our atmosphere. My fuel is free, and the most expensive maintenance on my bicycle has been new tires ($39.00 each).

This isn't to say that bicycle riding is free. Of course there are costs - but for two tanks of gas I can covered my entire bicycle maintenance budget over the past two years.

I know you have kids, I know you have errands that are far away. I understand. I'm not saying that bicycles are for everyone, all of the time. But they are for some people, a lot of the time. My full time job is to make it easier for people to get to places by bike... and I absolutely love my job.

In other two year increments...

Ashley and I have been married for almost two years... and these years have been the best of my life.
Ashley and I - Easter, 2006

Ashley and I met in Washington D.C.... and our time together has been remarkable. Whether it was blizzards, jungle-chicken bus escapades, or rendezvous in the mountains because we couldn't bear to be apart - my life is exponentially more fulfilling, exciting, and happy with Ashley in it. I love her a lot.

Just North of Leadville, Colorado

One thing I know for sure about my life with Ashley - it will never be dull. She loves adventure like a fat kid loves cake... or Angela Lansbury loves a mystery. I'm more cautious and hesitant by nature, but Ashley always helps me get a better glimpse of what is around the corner. Thanks honey.

So - I'm looking forward to these next two years... who knows what they the stork
will bring. Whatever it is I know it will be amazing.


abby said...

I too was at the Preston Temple open house and if I recall it was in 1998 not 2008. I can't believe it's been ten years.

MF said...

Like King Agrippa to Paul, You have almost convinced me to ride.

And love the sentiment for your wife. As a Marriage and Family Therapist, that stuff is so nice to see/hear/read...whatever. It's nice.

Sarah said...

David, I lived in Holland for four years where all you do is ride your bike --- everywhere! I enjoyed it for the same reasons you do. I was wondering, as the expert, is there a website you recommend that shows which streets around my area have bicycle paths (I know Colfax and Laurel Canyon has bike paths on part of the roads)? I also have two kids. Do you recommend getting a trailer for the back of a bike and toting them around in it on these LA streets? The thought kind of freaks me out. Also, I have a cruiser, not a bike that really seems legit in using for long-distances or getting around a lot, maybe more for enjoyable rides. Wow, all of a sudden I'm bombarding you with a butt-load (that's a technical term) of questions.

Also, was that a hint at the end of your post that you guys are pregnant --- "the stork"? If so, congratulations! If not, then I'm just confused.

david said...

thanks for the edit abby. that's what i meant.

david said...

sarah. you have opened up a huge can o worms.. with the bike questions. a can, that cannot be closed, ever again.

i'll consider your sentiments and will report back to you on them.

the short answer is yes, there are websites and all sorts of goodies out there.

re: pregnancy - you'll have to ask ashley... she doesn't tell me these things.

j/k. "we" are pregnant.

Dawn D. Lion said...

Yay for baby a.d.! Will you find out the sex via ultrasound?

david said...


i'm not saying this sarcastically... (which is rare, i know)

is there any other way to do it?

Johnny said...

I was going to bike to school when I moved to Boston, but for some reason I just couldn't get past, "And the high today will be 14 degrees."

david said...

are you telling me it's perpetually 14 degrees in boston?

just curious.

also - ever heard of layers?


but seriously, layers.

Dawn D. Lion said...

No, I mean the question is, when/if you have an ultrasound, will you find out the sex?
Question dodger.

MiaKatia said...

Well my bread is bought and buttered by the automotive industry so I love my car very much, and probably some of your cars as well. Ps if you are looking for a new car might I suggest a Nissan ;) But I am seriously considering a bike vacation when the kids are old enough to appreciate/enjoy it. Your bike love is starting to sink in.

But for the important stuff... CONGRATULATIONS!!! I am so excited for the two of you. Really, so happy I cried. When is the baby due? How is Ashley feeling? Are you going to find out the sex? (and yes there is more than one way to find out, you can have an amniocentesis but I am pretty sure those are not very common I don't really know)

Matt and Jennae Porter said...

Hey! Congrats you guys! We are THRILLED for you. Being parents really is the best thing ever. Can't wait to meet the little peanut, and to see what kind of contraption you outfit your bike with in order to bring a baby along for the ride. I'm sure it will be impressive.

david said...

yes... we will definitely find out the sex of the baby. we are really really excited to find out.

for those of you that did decide to find out - did it change pregnancy planning for you?

Karolyn said...

John has enjoyed his last two months of biking, and I'm sure he thinks of you often as he rides. If you need a place to sleep in Chicago, then we have a sweet basement with a futon and everything. I'm sure that's an offer you and Ashley can't refuse.

Benson and Jaimi said...

I love Ashley too! All my memories with her are hilarious and full of adventure. Has Ashley ever told you the story of the German and the bungalow?

Congratulations! We look forward to updates and hope to have more fun get togethers in the future with Emerson and your little one.

Btw - there are some great places to ride on the Australian coast!!! Just trying to put some ideas in your head.


Dawn D. Lion said...

Finding out the sex was fun. Being suprised was fun, too. The only thing it really helps with is collecting the right kinds of clothes. And also its sort of bonding, having one more bit of information about your baby to daydream with, if that makes sense.

MiaKatia said...

We found out, I am not good at waiting for surprises. It is actually really exciting finding out. We always "assumed" we would have more than one and that we would have at least one boy and one girl so the furniture and bedding we bought was all relatively unisex. (Never assume with kids, you will always be surprised.) So in the functional baby supply buying aspect it didn't really change much. Name selection and clothing were the two areas that it made the biggest difference for us. Knowing the gender gave us some focus on choosing a name.

Ryan said...

We were positive that we were having a girl until we saw that little ding-a-ling on the screen. We love our boy but, would have been happy either way. I don't remember what made us so certain we'd have a girl. I think Shar had a dream or something. We seemingly base a lot of our decisions around that:)

In honor of you Dave (and $4.50 gas) I've started to walk to errands with Harrison. We'll hit up the grocery store and/or CostCo on four wheels with the stroller. I suppose I need to talk to you about doing errands on a bike.


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