Yesterday we found out that we were having a boy. Well, 85%. So I don't know if that means we are having an 85% boy, 15% girl, or the chances are 85% that we are having a boy - but I'll take either!

Just kidding - the ultra sound was pretty cool. The point where our doctor got the definitive shot was amazing. It was like we were looking at him from underneath - we could see his little butt-cheeks and then EUREKA... the "money shot."

This past summer - Ashley and I went back to Denver for my family reunion. It was really fun, as we got to see all of my siblings, and new babies. One part sticks out with me in particular - hanging out with my nephew Isaiah. Isaiah is 3 and has tons of boy energy.

Summer was a pretty big blockbuster for little boys. The Hulk, IronMan, Batman... lots of macho stuff for kids to enjoy. As Isaiah and I ruff-housed, Isaiah really enjoyed pretending to be the Hulk and "smashing" things. I think I recall Ashley saying, "wow, he's really turned into a little boy."

Ashley's family has been abundantly blessed with little girls. Ashley's two older sisters have five girls between them. Ashley's family is a family of four girls... and one boy. The boy being the baby of the bunch. This environment has made Ashley very comfortable at the prospects of raising girls.

Enter stage left - "our little lemon," as I've been calling him. Ever since Ashley told me that he is about the size of a lemon - lemon just seemed like a nice thing to call him.

Our little lemon - breaking windows, bones, flicking boogers, laughing at fart jokes, smashing things - it's all very exciting. Not that Ashley isn't excited - but maybe she's just a little nervous that she won't have as much immediately in common with our little lemon. But then I reminded her - that she was a tomboy when she was little, and that her mom & brother always has a special relationship.

I once read an article in GQ that discussed how great fatherhood was, because it was an opportunity to "relive your childhood." I think having a boy will allow Ashley to revist all of her tomboy ancestry. She was once a very ardent dinosaur student. I'm excited to be a little league coach, to go on camping/biking trips... and as a tribute to my dad - mow the lawn together.

Ashley is going to be a great mother, to boys and girls because she is so much fun, loves adventures, has a great sense of humor, and is a natural nurturer.

Any mom of boys have some tips out there? First things first... how to change diapers without getting pee in the face.


mel said...

congrats you two!!! Um, as I do not have any children myself but one thing i learned the hard way: I was at the mall with my brother and his fam. I took my nephew to the bathroom and i didn't know you were suppose to (tell him or do it yourself) push his "nini" in the toilet. So, I got shot with a lot of urine... Wont make that mistake twice.

Johnny said...

We have twins (a boy and a girl). I used to wonder if boys were different because we made them that way, but now I can assure you that they just come that way. Emily always says that she loves our daughters, but she is 'in love' with our son. Like he is her little boyfriend. He loves to play with me but he loves to cuddle with his mom. I have two pieces of advice. Choose your battles. And second from the venerable Dr. Phil, "Don't fight with you kids, but if you do, don't lose."

Alison said...

I couldn't be more excited. I'm online looking for fabric as we speak that is boy appropriate. Fabric for what? I don't know. But I'm looking. Also I was thinking of different motifs for his room. Does he have a room? And I arrived at...BIKES!!! How cute is that!!! I thought you'd like that. Bikes or monsters.

Can't wait.

david said...

Russ: thanks for that thought. Really nice to hear.

Alison: bikes!!! You ARE a marketing genius. We welcome any and all creative submissions

Sarah said...

A boy? That's cool. I got no boy advice for you seeing as I have two girls. But baby advice, I can give you LOTS of baby advice! Where do I even begin?

I have sweet memories of mowing the lawn with my Dad too! Eventually it turned into just me mowing the lawn! Ha!

Clyde and Mik'L said...

We are way excited for you guys! Another set of Behunin and Pulsipher boys about the same age is a little scary though! Clyde could have been writing your post because I come from an all girl family like Ashley and don't know much about boys. I thought for sure we were having a girl! I was a tomboy myself, so I guess we will both figure it out!

Marci said...

a big congratulations! What's the due date???

MF said...

Nice pic in the post. I laughed.

Congratulations on having a boy! The Pulsipher name lives on!

And I have no doubt that Ashley will be a great mom to a boy.

If you send me your new address, I'll send you something that may be helpful in about 4 or 5 months.

Oh, and one other thing--maybe you shouldn't use code words for his boy bits. No shame in calling it a penis, right? No offense to Mel.

david said...

thanks guys.

i'll send you the address mike.

marci, little ronald regan jr. is due march 12.

if it were a girl, we were going to name it darcy - your nemesis.

MiaKatia said...

Dave looks like you will beat me to the finish line by about a week! We are due mid-late March.

I felt really nervous when I found out that my first was a girl. I have five brothers and have had mostly guy friends all my life. I had no idea what to do with a girl and I have never been girlie. Luckily she has been a patient teacher and I love her more than I could have ever imagined. But I will agree with the statement that I am in love with my little boy ;) He is a ball of energy and the biggest cuddler.

As for not getting peed on. This is a tricky one to explain so bear with me. Most of the time you place the new diaper under the baby and flip the front up to close. With my mister I did it just the opposite. I put the front on first then removed the old one from underneath. Wrapped the bottom under and closed, which by the way only works when you are changing a wet diaper, when you are changing a poopy diaper you can simply put an extra wet wipe over his boy business so you don't get sprayed.

Dawn D. Lion said...

Well, I've been a mother of a boy for 4 1/2 months, and I have to say, its awesome. Ashley doesn't have anything to worry about. When I had a girl I fell madly in love with her. Now I have a boy and I am madly in love with him. So basically, your baby=wonderful and you can't go wrong.

Susanna said...

I came to your blog hoping for a little bit of politics to hopefully satisfy my addiction, but instead I'll tell you what our mechanic told us...

Before you change his diaper, put a warm cloth over his penie to make him urinate, then you use half the diapers.

Well, he must have been faster than I am because I've been shot at a few times. And not just from the front. So my advice is put a new diaper under him before you take the old one out.

Especially in the airplane lavatory.

jocie said...

you two will be rad parents, be the lemon boy or girl

Marlo said...

Congrats Ashley! (& David, whom I don't know) I am so excited for you. You are going to do great with a boy, because you are fun and adventurous. Boys like that kind of stuff. When I had Noelle I was kind of nervous about having a girl because I am not girly. And Noelle has turned out to love farting, playing in the mud, jumping off the couch and other dangerous locations, plus she has no idea what a princess is and has already visited the ER. She's the boy I always dreamed of. Now that girl #2 is on the way, I am a lot more nervous, because you can't strike gold twice, right? Anyway, you will learn as you go, but I would follow that diaper changing advice...even though I have seen little girls pee straight in the air just like boys. I can't wait to see all the adventures you have...on your bikes!

Jeremiah and Hillary said...

So cool! Congratulations!! I love having a little boy. Not sure if it’s the norm, but he’s been soooo mellow and low maintenance. Completely different from when Sabrina was a baby. He just got his 1st tooth =) I am surprised I haven’t seen more posts about the pregnancy! How’s Ashley holding up?

To answer your question- it’s way too much work to always try and cover the sprayer during every diaper change, but I found it a rewarding precaution to keep a cloth diaper at the changing station ready to grab just in case . . .