thanksgiving recap

This year, like last year - we went to Modesto (the other Mo-town) for Thanksgiving. This year we skipped on the Alcatraz visit and spent more time with family. It's really amazing to think how quickly this past year went. Just last year, Ashley was in her last trimester and we had no idea what our little guy would look like.

George is growing up fast - so fast we let him drive our car on the interstate.

Lots of time with cousins

Ashley's cousin Megan, married a man named George who's an awesome photographer and has the fanciest camera you've ever laid eyes on. George caught some great pictures of George. Try to tell (ha) the difference between pictures taken from a professional grade camera and my iPhone camera.

Thank you George for taking such incredible pictures, and sharing them with us!

George & Ashley pre-feast

George was so focused during dinner, and a total gentleman. He put down generous portions of mashed potatoes and sweet potatoes.

Two happy guys after dinner

George the newsie enjoying the beautiful fall foliage

Every part of our trip was a success. George was really great in the car. We had amazing food, beautiful fall weather, tennis on a crisp Saturday morning, and I got to see one of my cousins that I haven't seen for over 20 years. We felt incredibly blessed to be in California and in proximity to such loving family.


Serena Cherry said...

How have I missed this post! Blast blogger! I am supposed to be informed of these things. Anyway, I love all of these photos! I am so glad you had a great time in Modesto! We wish we were closer! And George...does he like sweet potatoes as much as his dad?

Dawn D. Lion said...

OMG! George is growing up so fast! Look at that handsome little lad. I love him!

Ashley Thalman said...

The second photo is the best. You two talking in the back AT THE SAME TIME> Wonderful!

clyde said...

His hair is so long. We've cut Myers a couple times so I don't really know how long it would be... but seeing George's long bangs is like BANG.
Glad he got some tadders and gravy too!

Anonymous said...

It looks like George is anxious to get his driver's license. I can't wait to give him a squeeze next week. Mom

Rachel Potter said...

Ash the one with you holding him is SOOOO CUTE! Can't wait to see the three of you :)!