up in the air

Our friends Leslie & Keith are taking a photography class. For one of their projects, they had to "capture motion" and thought that George would be a good model. While George's mobility (consisting of rolling, scootching, twisting, etc.) is impressive - it's not quite what they were looking for in terms of a "photo op."

They thought it might be fun to take pictures of me throwing George up in the air. Most of the time (and when George gets really happy) he sticks his hands in his mouth to stifle his glee. Some of the shots turned out really great. Thanks Keith & Leslie. Leslie shared some of her pictures with us - so I thought we'd share them with you. Behold, George in flight:

Falling out of a tree

Happy George

George was sent from heaven - just like this

All this modeling made George tired

George is a really good boy.


Rachel Potter said...

So wait, you're telling me that the stork didn't drop him off?

david said...

No he did. But it was sort of a "fly by" transaction. We had to catch him in the road instead of a home delivery.

Serena Cherry said...

he has amazing trust in his dad...no sign of fear or apprehension.

Blythe said...

Straight from heaven, up above, here is a baby for you to love.

david said...

re: blythe

"happy birthday mrs. jumbo junior..."