the waiting game

Thursday we stroll into Ashley's doctor appointment. Regular checkup. Nonchalantly he tells us that our baby "will probably be born this weekend."

We weren't expecting him for at least a week and a half - and all of a sudden he "could come tonight."

That was Thursday. We've had a few biological signs point that we are moving in the right direction... but we're lacking some steady contractions and I think I'm going to go insane. I wish our Doc would've kept his big yapper shut.

Any tips for inducing labor? We've tried:
- walking
- spicy food
- planning something we'd really like to go to and don't want to miss
- citrus foods
- foot massages
- walking with one foot on the curb and another on the street

I've also tried talking firmly to our little guy in utero - telling him that we'd like him to come as soon as possible.

Basically I'm chalking up all of these suggestions as 3rd rate chicanery. I want results!

And a happy, healthy baby.


Clyde and Mik'L said...

On top of those I am trying Evening Primrose Oil, raspberry tea, and bouncing on an exercise ball. Let me know what works. It sounds like your little guy is going to beat ours in to the world because I am not dilating at all and our doc said to plan on waiting to be induced a week after the due date. Both opinions SUCK!

Heather Bankhead said...

what about S? i heard that helps.

ashley said...

we've tried the tea too!

ok, i'm inflating an exercise ball as we speak.

Johnny said...

Our neighbor was over here complaining about not having her 3rd come already and she wasn't due for like 2 weeks. She said she was going home to take some castor oil. I told her she was retarded and none of that stuff worked. Her baby was born the next morning. Take that for what is worth. I say just wait it out. Wait until it is really time and they tell you just to stay home and get some rest while labor is starting. It isn't like the movies. Emily's water broke at 6:00 am and we didn't go to the hospital until like 4:00pm. And our first daughter wasn't born until the next afternoon.

Sharlie Kaltenbach said...

Ryan DOES NOT want me to post this but I'm going to anyway because it's true...Two words: Nipple Play : ) Have fun and good luck! Love, Shar

Sally DeFord said...

Castor oil could bring the baby but give you the runs during your labor. That might not be worth it. Sex (can i write that?) induced my last labor. My midwife recommended it and I started hard labor about 1 hr after. Hang in there. The baby will come. With my first I had irregular labor for about 2 days before I really went into labor.

david said...

i don't think intimacy is an option once the "plug" has left.

am i right or am i right?

Dawn D. Lion said...

for some reason, eggplant parmesan is an "old wife's tale" labor inducer.
i'd second hanging out on an exercise ball, doing hula hoop rolls.
I'm glad you're letting little G come when he's ready!

ashley said...

but what about when I'm ready!

david said...

ha - awesome sharlie.

for the record, both of the Ashley posts been me.

abby said...

Castor oil got my friend's wife into labor.

Blythe said...

Hey, numbers one and three totally worked for me. But probably the babies were ready to come anyway.

Has Ashley tried hopping on one foot, sticking out her tongue, and singing the national anthem...in public? Because that totally works.

Marlo said...

I have heard that massaging the area between the ankle bone and the heal can bring on contractions. Also, black cohosh and nipple stimulation - one minute on each side I have heard, but not tried. Instead of resting whenever I had contractions, I tried to keep moving around a lot and stayed very active to keep the contractions going. Who knows...I know a lady who was planting her garden when she went into labor, so maybe some good hard labor to bring on labor. I would recommend having your membrances stripped if you do have to get induced. Good luck.

Marlo said...

And doctors should keep their mouths shut. My doctor almost ruined my Christmas by saying the baby would come the weekend before.

david said...

i was considering castor oil until i read this on wikipedia:

Castor oil has been used to induce childbirth in pregnant women, though it is not always effective in application. Castor oil, when ingested, triggers cramping in the bowel (making it an effective laxative). Thus, it is intended that such cramping extend to the uterus. In an overdue pregnancy in which the mother's cervix is already effacing and partially dilated, this cramping can lead to labor contractions. The irregular, painful contractions of castor-oil-induced labor can be stressful on the mother and fetus. It also leaves the laboring woman quite dehydrated as a result of the vomiting and diarrhea which result when the recommended dose of castor oil for labor induction is taken—2 oz, or about 8–tbsp. This leaves her without access to the energy she could otherwise derive from food or drink throughout her labor process. Using castor oil for induction is not recommended without consulting a medical practitioner and is not recommended in a complex pregnancy

ashley gave that idea the ole heave ho pretty quick.

Karolyn said...

I don't believe in any remedies at all. I was overdue both times and tried everything to induce labor. I think if something works for someone then they just would have gone into labor anyway. Keep planning all of those fun things that you don't want to miss. That's the only way for the baby to someday come.