every movie has a fan

This post is completely Ashley's brainchild... I'm just the voice.

The other day this (see left) movie was on television and Ashley asked aloud "do you think for every movie that has been made, at least one person considers that movie to be their favorite?" Case in point - Quigly Down Under. I think its possible, but probably improbable. No one likes Tom Selleck that much.

Is this someone's favorite movie do you think? Beyond that, does every movie have at least one completely devoted follower? I think this is a good question, and we wanted to get your thoughts.

In other news - George is still really cute. See below.


Blythe said...

I confess that I have seen Quigley Down Under. It was not even close to being a favorite. I could see it being someone's favorite though. The Garbage Pail Kids, on the other hand, could not possibly be anyone's favorite.

PS - George is cute!

david said...

i think GPK could be someone's favorite movie... for campy sentimental reasons, much like peewee's big adventure or the karate kid (two of my favorites)

yes, george is cute. i like him yawning

Blythe said...

The yawning pic is my favorite one.

I am going to have to disagree on GPK. "Sentimental Favorite" is not the same thing as "Favorite." I'd hazard a guess that when someone you barely know asks your favorite movie of all time, Peewee is not the first thing you mention. And both of those movies are better than GPK. I haven't even seen any Peewee Herman movies, and I still feel confident in making that claim. The only movie worse than The Garbage pail Kids is AI, which is actually the worst movie of all time.

Serena Cherry said...

George is so cute! I love him all buckled in his cute stroller. And I like your sling, ashley! I will have to take a closer look later. I am going to say, no, not every movie has a devoted follower. Unless you count the people who wrote it or were really involved. There are some movies that aren't even bad, just "blah," like Mission Impossible 3. Do you really think that was someone's favorite?

Johnny said...

I can definitely seeing Quigly being a someone's favorite. At the end when he shoots the Die Hard guy, and then he says, "I said I never had much use for one, I didn't say I didn't know how to use one." That was a pretty good line. Errr... I mean somebody might say something like that if it was *their* favorite movie.

Johnny said...

I am a little disappointed you didn't find some way to justify photoshopping your mustached face onto Tom Selleck.

jr said...

Little George is adorable.

I have seen a number of movies recently that make me question why they were ever made. Quigley Down Under classifies as one of those movies. It isn't bad, but seriously? Does somebody really classify it as their favorite? I saw Max Payne not long ago, and had a similar question go through my head, and then I wondered why did they decide to make a Max Payne 3--did people really like the move that much?

david said...

johnny - that is a good idea, i'll think about that. and i'm sorry that i dissed your favorite movie.

; )

blythe, you make a good point between sentimental favorites, and favorites.

Dawn D. Lion said...

My hs french teacher had a poster of Tom Selleck up in the classroom - ya know, even though he's not French and has nothing to do with France. She liked Tom Selleck that much. (Though she was probably more of the 3 men and a baby type.)
Peewee could definitely be a favorite - directed by Tim Burton, its reputable.GPK? can't really imagine the person... well maybe the mom of the lead actor or something.

and george is sooooo cute! how are the nights going?

Dawn D. Lion said...

OK, you can go to netflix and read reviews of people who loved quigly. One viewer compared it to dances with wolves, and several rated it 5 stars.
I haven't seen it so can't really comment on that.

mj said...

I hope so. I have been having a nice five minutes just trying to imagine the person who would be the biggest fan of each movie. It's very entertaining. It almost makes me want to pick one of the more obscure and irrational movies I have enjoyed and just label it my favorite so that I too can play a part in this beautiful vision.

Yes, I sometimes still read this blog. Cute baby.

Heather Bankhead said...

that baby is SO CUTE. good work on that.

not sure about favorite movies, but if Dumb & Dumber is in a guy's top 5, it's an automatic, no excuses, deal breaker.

Chris Cherry said...

I like Quigley Down Under. Pretty sweet when he busts out the long range sight on his gigantic rifle and picks that guy off.
and yes george is cute.

Liz said...

My mom has a recipe that she calls "Better than Tom Selleck Cake"

She'd probably really like Quigley.

Scott and I LOVE to go to blockbuster and then rent the most ridiculous movie we can find. My favorite so far: "Lone Wolf McQuade" starring Chuck Norris. Pure comedy.

david said...

i need that recipe liz