two wrongs make a right

Often we hear the adage, "two wrongs don't make a right." It's usually in the context of curbing or shaming retributional behavior - poking a finger in the "eye for an eye" perspective.

The other day I completed a circuit that proves this maxim wrong. I think we would all agree that it is wrong to drop your laptop computer (the one picture above is not ours, for entertainment value only) out of its case onto the concrete driveway. You should not do that, right?

When Ashley accidentally dropped the computer it landed right on the corner where the power cord is plugs in. The impact left Ashley's beloved powerbook with a substantial ding that made it very difficult to plug the power cord in. It was possible, but took a lot of fiddling. We took it to the mac store and they told us that the entire casing would need to be replaced = $600 repair.

So instead we suffered in silence. Until the other night when I had balanced the computer atop a precarious tower of Arrested Development DVD's, bike magazines and our alarm clock. Inevitably, the mighty tower fell and with it the computer. This time it was my fault. Ashley quickly shot me a look of displeasure as I sheepishly picked the computer up from the ground.

But lo and behold... to our delight and wonderment when we plugged the power cord in, it slid right in and stayed there. Previously, you had to hold it with your hand or pull the cord underneath (while plugged in) the computer and make the computer sit on it to hold it in place.

We were very pleased how our seeming misfortune had turned to good fortune. Ashley quickly quipped, "two wrongs make a right." We slept with a grand sense of satisfaction that night.

Any of you have experiences where two wrongs have made a right?


Blythe said...

There was the time I was blind for years because of an accident, and then I was healed by an explosion. Wait, that wasn't me; it was Adam on Little House on the Prairie.

david said...

there was the time that me and my friend were lost in the woods and the adults were yelling after us, "stellaaaaaa! nelliee!!!!"

oh wait, that was little house on the prarie too.