The axe effect

Frequent readers of the blog know that I'm fussy about using plain deodorant, not antiperspirant. I've written several times on the subject. The reasons for using only deodorant are pretty clear. Antiperspirant ruins your clothing, and is like suffocating your armpits. Deodorant provides you the same coverage in the smell category, without the harmful side-effects.

The most recent chapter in this story unfolded like this. I'm shopping at target, picking up some essentials. All of the sudden as I gaze down the personal hygiene aisle, my eye latches on to a brand of deodorant I hadn't previously considered. Typically, I use Degree or Right Guard - because they are the only companies making strictly deodorant these days. Actually - Old Spice is too but they are totally on my ish list because their products melt your armpits and give you gnarly rashes.

So - I bought some axe deodorant. You might know them for their racy commercials in which young men are attacked by throngs of women once the user applies their product.

Well - as my wife can attest, the axe effect is probably closer to the gag effect. We were snuggling, getting ready to go to bed, and she could hardly stomach the odor coming from my armpits. Too strong.

I was a little embarrassed for the odor, and also that I had succumbed to a product when I'm certainly not in their target demographic. Not wanting it to go to waste, I'm now using axe as my "freshen up after the commute" deodorant. We'll see if it has a similar, pungent effect on my co-workers. What kind of deodorant do you use?


aisy said...

speedstick also makes a few "only deodorant." my fave is the aloe one (smells least like boy smell). i've resorted to buying mostly men's deodorant because it's even harder to find for women. the only brands i can find for women are adidas, tom's of main and this new one called jones.

david said...

yeah, ashley's expressed similar sentiments. plain deodorant for women is very rare. tom's of maine - bless their hearts. it's a great idea, but you just smell like a moldy banana if you use that stuff.

speed stick reminds me of the 80's.

jones sounds promising.

Liz said...

Ok, I guess I haven't been reading your blog for as long as I thought, because I haven't heard you rant about how anti-perspirant is bad? Please fill me in?

I laughed out loud when you said that Ashley "could hardly stomach the odor." I can just picture her nearly gagging and it is hilarious.

Scott uses old spice and I love how it smells. I use secret platinum. Yes it is anti-perspirant and deordorant. Please tell me why that's bad. Anyway, it comes in yummy scents like "kuku coco butter" and "vanilla chai." I know it sounds really gross to have armpits that smell like coconut or chai, but it's not a very strong scent. I'm serious, ladies, look into it. I was skeptical, too.

Don't judge me.

Maren said...

Liz, I don't judge you. I have been a Secret user since day 1 (however long ago that was). But they just switched the smell of Spring Breeze and now it's too strong. I'm in the market for something new, using Suave (fresh scent) in the meantime. I might look into these others....

Craig said...

I ould love to smell like a banana.

Also, I use Old Spice Deoderant only and I couldn't be happier. No rash, no whatever else you said about it. I know there was a second thing.

Hey, Karly and I are coming down this weekend..... so what abouts us hanging out a little on Saturday night???

ashley said...

Yes! Let's hang out. I have a work thing until about 7 or so, so let's meet up. Call me and we will figure it out.

david said...

Anti-perspiirant has all sorts of nasty stuff in it, like aluminum and crap like that. It permanently stains your under shirts in a gross yellow, chalky fashion. It also blocks your sweat glands which can make your body grow these disgusting lumps in your arm pits. Since switching... My under shirts all look immaculate and I feel a lot better about what's a brewin in that region. We sweat for a reason. The answer isn't to block it. That's like trying to never go to the bathroom

Liz said...

I've always wondered why god made us do most of our sweating from our armpits. I intend to have a discussion with him about it someday.

Thanks for explaining the evils of anti-perspirants to me. I wonder if they make "kuku coco butter" in a "only deoderant" package?

Alison said...

david my boy. it's time to switch to rubbing alcohol and forget all this mumbo jumbo. put it in a spray bottle, and boom! NOTHING BUT BACTERIA KILLERS. Eric uses it and never smells. Ever. It will take your body a few days to adjust, but tell Ashley to suck it up while your body adjusts.

I use it often, but when you put it on after shaving it's brutal.

Anyway I dare you to try it. Double dog.

D. Manning said...

i use axe, no wonder i seem to have a problem with the ladies!

Blythe said...

I also like the Coco Butter Secret, because it smells yummy. I know antiperspirant is bad, but it's so hard to even find a plain deodorant for women, and I HATE the ones that smell like flowers. I have nothing against actual flowers, I just don't want to smell like one. Or several.

MF said...

Old Spice, Pure Sport.
And, if your armpits are rubbed raw for some reason, it does give a sting to the body's a/c, but it heals quickly.

david said...


i love you, but rubbing alcohol is a freaking horrible idea.

really horrible.

the only thing rubbing alcohol should be used is for this

Alison said...

No! It works!

Fish Nat!on said...

Ha, this is great. I can't for the life of me understand the axe phenomenon. truly baffling. As I read this, i realized that i posted about axe a few months ago. I wouldn't normally post a link to one of my own posts, as i feel that seems like a desperate cry for readership, but i feel this is relevant.


if that doesnt work, it was from april titled, my last wish.

anyhow i like your blog.

The 'Chard said...

Listen to this:


You should listen to "Act Two: That Guy." It's about the quest to find the right deodorant. I (heart) This American Life.

Fee_dizzle said...

Crap i use Axe. Although you have always been stinker then me