Last weekend Ashley and I pretended to be important people. When you pretend to be important in Los Angeles, sometimes you get to go to events that you have no business going to. So when Nakheel had a party announcing the the Trump Tower, being built in Dubai - we decided that was an event that we wanted to go to.

Or... my sister works for Nakheel, and got us in through connections. Never have I been so glad to be on the list.

The event was unreal... held at a mansion in Bel Air. I think every one was their except the Fresh Prince.

List of famous attendees:
Donald Trump
Ivanka Trump
Orlando Bloom
Aaron Eckhart
The dude from Entourage
The girl from Heroes - Hayden Patititiatitaitiaeeinieereeiereere or something.
And a private performance by Christina Aguilera.

Follow our adventures with the pictures below. Sorry for the poor quality, they were taken with my iPhone.

First off... it was really awesome of them to make even event hop-ons like us welcome. I mean, I know we look good, but giving us the red-carpet treatment was a bit unexpected. Somehow we cut right in front of the Heroes girl.

After we walked in, we went into this big dome that had video playing on it 360 degrees. After schmoozing a little bit, big daddy Trump took the stage and told us about his development. Ashley locked eyes with her dream weaver Legolas!

Legolas was seriously only three feet from us, and Ashley went on the record to state that their eyes met twice. I was about to get jealous, but after sizing him up (and watching Troy) I realized that I had nothing to worry about.
Did I mention that the party was actually in Dubai? Ok... that's actually a model behind Ashley, but it looks like we're having a hot night in a desert oasis.
No expense was spared, take a gander at the pool decorations. They recreated their famous Palm development in the pool. Wowza
I have no idea what these things are, but I bet they were probably good or expensive. I was more impressed with the frozen terraced thing than the actual food.

After a few diet cokes and some lamb, we moseyed on down to see Christina perform. She sang four songs, and did a pretty good job. The girl has pipes, what can I say? There were grown adults screaming "I Love you Christina!" I didn't feel so out of place after that.

Ashley and I - amazed with all of our good luck.

There were Cirque de Soliel people all over the place. Ballerina dancers with neon lights on them, and wacky stilts guys that looked like something out of a J.J. Abrams nightmare. Ashley got really cozy with one of them.

Us in downtown Dubai.

Ok, so if you aren't jealous now, I don't blame you. Schmoozing with around celebrities (full list, check here) isn't everyone's cup of tea. But I'd bet most of you would be pretty pleased with the party gifts. As you can see... You couldn't wipe the smile off her face for hours.

Donald Trump may not be the classiest guy (the hair, sorry sir), but I tell you what, he knows he rolls with some classy people (Nakheel). Even if you didn't like the food, the entertainment, or free booze... a free iPod touch pretty much makes a believer out of anyone.

We put our names on the list... look for us to be residents of the Trump Tower Dubai in 2072.


Lulu said...

Ahem, I just want to make a correction here...
It was Nakheel who invited you. Nakheel, the coolest company in Dubai, who spared no expense to bring out all the celebs, the fancy catering, the private performance, and the lovely gift.
And not a mention one?

MiaKatia said...

Just for the record I am plenty jealous!

Johnny said...

When I was in high school, some friends and I were driving down Daytona Beach during spring break and we picked up on this girl. She claimed to be Ivanka Trump, but we weren't having it, until we saw her in a magazine. Sure enough it was her. She even came to my little ol' hometown of Leesburg to go water skiing with us the next weekend. We didn't get an iPod out of it though.

david said...

Lashley - noted and changed. Sorry - you know how in your head sometimes you think you mentioned something but in reality you didn't. I made the appropriate changes.

clyde said...

Your a classy guy but a free Ipod... I don't know?

ashley said...

just for the record... i did not wear leggings to the event-- this was the work of david's photo shop. i was dressed a little more fancy for the occasion.

and i did make eye contact with orlando-- it turned out to be a great night.

MF said...

does this new ipod touch replace the fallen ipod?

Serena Cherry said...

"stars: they're just like us" They get free ipods at parties! Just kidding. That is so awesome. I live through your celebrity experience! Ashley looks really great by the way. I can't wait to forward your pics to all my friends!

Sarah said...


david said...

no mike, i got an iphone to replace the fallen ipod. ashley's ipod touch will replace her humble shuffle, which we'll now bequeath to our dog.

(we don't have a dog)

TJ & Christi Brooke said...

Wow...Nice hook up, now that you are famous add your list to the important people who attended!
You both had big grins!

MF said...

you two are so appled up. since microsoft just picked up jerry seinfeld to try to regain some cool points, you two should become the new addition to apple's commercial. you have a sweet 'stache that would fit appeal to all demographics.

Liz said...

Whoa, why did I not know that my friend Ashley is into Orlando Bloom? I find him gross and womanly.

He is perfect for the role of Legolas, though. The whole point was for him to look like a beautiful woman. And of course his role in Troy was fitting as well.

Ash, I'm disappointed.

david said...

The whole point was for him to look like a beautiful woman.

maybe the best thing i've ever read in my entire life.

so funny.

who's your celeb crush liz? please say its the rock.

ashley said...

I always thought it was a little weird, but Liz totally has a crush on Nicolas Cage. She especially loved him in the movie Con Air and had the poster in her room.

Liz said...

Whoa whoa, okay.

Ashley just said that about Nicholas Cage because she knows that I think he is the ugliest man on the planet. Seriously, he grosses me out. Ask me this, "Who's ugliest: ______ or Nicholas Cage?" and every time, EVERY time, my answer will be Nicholas Cage. (Sidenote: This was a very entertaining game for my friends to play with me in college.)

My celeb crush? Definitely Christian Bale.

david said...

al sharpton, or NC?
louie anderson, or NC?
steve buschemy, or NC?

also, i see NC is in a new movie coming out and he's sportin' the con air mullet, it looks great after putting it on the shelf for 11 years.

Blythe said...

Nicolas Cage isn't my dream man or anything, but there are lots of guys way worse than him. What about that Jonah whatshisname guy in Superbad/Knocked Up?

I'm pretty jealous. The schmoozing looks like fun.