take me (my trailer) seriously

A while back... before she was a married woman, our friend Alison Faulkner had a caption beneath her profile picture that stuck in my head. It read, "take me seriously." For some reason, that caption really made me laugh and I've thought about the expressed sentiment (wanting to be taken seriously) for a while now.

A couple of weeks ago I made a purchase that with it, comes my proclamation of wanting to be taken very seriously :)

I purchased a BOB bicycle trailer.

I had been reading up on all of the different types of trailers, and their pros & cons. When it finally came down to it, I decided that the BOB was the best way to go. The next big decision, how soon did I want it?

The dilemma was, how much was I wiling to pay so I could get my grubby little mitts on it. For $24.35, I could've had it in three days. The temptation was almost unbearable. However - because I didn't need the trailer for almost three weeks (we'll get to that later), I decided I could go for the "free" shipping Amazon offers, if you are willing to wait 5-9 days. Of course it was 9.

So you can imagine my excitement when I came up the stairs of our apartment and saw the beautiful box sitting at our door (above). I then moved it inside to get a better look before I started assembling it.

a sight for sore eyes

The construction was pretty easy, but the instruction booklet was so fascinating (with so many pictures) I wanted to make sure I was doing everything just right. I think you'll agree with me that she's a beauty.

Why on earth do you need a trailer... some of you are asking? Well - for one, Ashley, our dear friends the Nelsons, and I are going on a two-day bike trip to San Diego in a couple of weeks. We'll stop at San Onofre state beach and camp one night, then ride the next morning into San Diego. Rather than investing in a touring bike that I can load up with racks and panniers - I decided to get a trailer. This allows me to haul all of our stuff (clothes, food, sleeping bags, etc) on the bike I already have.

Additionally, with a trailer I can vastly increase my capacity to do utility trips with a trailer. Before, I was limited to what I could fit in my very large messenger bag. Now, we can make trips to the grocery store, Target, and other places - all on bike.

Sorry folks, no hop-ons allowed. It states specifically in the directions that the weight limit is 70lbs and I'm not allowed to carry humans or pets.

As you can see, it has a pretty bitchin' flag on the back so everybody can make way for me and my trailer. I'm really excited about the new avenues my trailer is opening for me. One look at me and my trailer and I think you'll agree, you need to take me seriously.


Ryan said...

You've crossed a line here with your trailer that there is no going back from. For me it was the realization that I liked Sci-fi.

You've officially outed yourself as a geek. Welcome to the ranks, brother.

david said...

touche ryan.

is it the flag?

Sarah said...

I WAS wondering why you needed a trailer so thanks for answering my question. And, now that I know, I'm a little jealous of the trip you and Ashley are taking. Sounds like fun! I think you should ride around with a big doll or a stuffed animal in the back of your trailer . . . just for kicks. And, I think people would take you more seriously.

Ryan said...

It's not so much the flag as it is the thing its attached to. :)

david said...

trailers are the new ugg boots. you heard it here first.

sarah - the trip is going to be a lot of fun. i'll look into putting a doll in the back. maybe i could dust off my old ventriloquist doll, charlie mccarthy.

Clyde and Mik'L said...

We aren't sure about the trailer...although it would be nice if Clyde had one so he could go grocery shopping. hmmmm The trip sounds like fun though!

Craig said...

What about August 8th - 10th... where will you and Ash be? Cause I can tell you where Karly and I will be.

In your backyard. So to speak.

Eddie Izzard @ The Kodak Theatre.

So we need to hang out that weekend.

Dawn D. Lion said...

david, I am jealous. that is seriously cool.

david said...

craig. give us a call when you are in town. make it happen. we'd love to meet up with you lovebirds.

clyde & mik'l. don't hate... just love it. seriously clyde, think about cross training. and all the money you can save. once you get bit by the frugality bug, nothing can scratch that itch. it's great.

dawn - i knew you'd appreciate this. i think its the gilbert/judy in me - a hybrid between frugality and sociality.

Serena Cherry said...

That looks awesome! I am really impressed. And now I can finally take you seriously!

Serena Cherry said...

you didn't...I just noticed...the "cherries"

MF said...

David is a SERIOUS biking man. I wasn't quite sure before, but the trailer sealed the deal.

david said...

thank you mike for recognizing my level of commitment.

Jonah said...

Nice trailer!

The trouble with the San Onofre Bluffs campsites is they’re right next to the 5 freeway and you’ll hear big trucks passing by all night long. There used to be a nice little hike-in-only site that you could camp at down below the cliffs - right on the beach. I’m guessing that is closed these days but you might ask someone.

You might also consider looking into the San Mateo campsites a little more inland on the other side of the freeway or Doheny State Beach or San Clemente State Beach (and be sure to make a reservation.)

david said...


thanks for your advice. we already made a reservation, and it was with much deliberation that we chose the bluffs over san mateo.

we had heard that it can get quite noisy, so we chose the beach view over the more quiet camp grounds of san mateo. i checked it out on google earth and they honestly don't look that spectacular.

i think we were all going to bring earplugs.

The Kaltenbach Family said...

That flag says something alright and I wasn't going to go with "Bitchin". When are you and your trailer coming down my way? The Dolly Parton Memorial makes a good pit stop.


Liz said...

David, I've taken you seriously ever since you told me that, like me, you are a HUGE OC fan. The OC RIP, Gossip Girl just isn't the same. I heart Seth Cohen.

Alison said...

i can't even imagine why you feel you need to justify the purchase of something SO AWESOME! thanks for the shout out.

the youngs said...

Awesome trailer...now you should get Ashley the matching BOB jogging stroller!

Chesna said...

Good post.