when life hands you cardboard boxes

You make yourself a desk. A co-worker of mine fashioned this beauty, and I reinforced it's integrity with an old 2x4 lying around the office.

The two supporting walls are boxes for some office chairs, and the box that is serving as my desk is a box from one of those generic plastic-top tables you see around.

Our office is growing quickly, and because we don't have an office manager to organize us and order office supplies, we have to resort to our own ingenuity to outfit the office.

Technically, it's not MY desk... it's just my work station right now. This picture kind of embodies what I think all "work from home" offices actually look like.

If we had some more boxes, I'd make an awesome leather cardboard recliner to match my office furniture.

Eat your heart out Donald Trump


Serena Cherry said...

Dear Ashley,
PS Yes, David. It is in all caps.

Liz said...

I'm very impressed with your eco-friendly office, David. I think you're the most eco-friendly person I know. Congratulations.

Serena, yes, I've wanted Ashley to quit her job for a long time now, too. Do it, Potter. You'll be so much happier, I promise.

MiaKatia said...

Seriously creative re-using there Dave. Nice job.

david said...

don't even get me started on ashley's job.

i'm not that eco-friendly... i mean... i drink crude oil smoothies.

ashley said...

David is so eco-friendly he slashed the tires on my (our) car so I would ride my bike to work this morning. Just kidding.

Thanks for guys for caring about my well being. I feel like my job is good. I just like to complain about long hours and no pay... and a few other things. Now that I am talking about it, does anyone want to host a child from Colombia or Taiwan for 5 weeks this summer? We have some cuties that we are still trying to place --www.kidsave.org.

MF said...

You drink Crude Oil Smoothies, too? Mmmm. Let's be honest. They are much much better than the bio-diesel blizzards.