ebay fever continues

The sad tale of my iPod's demise has now been turned into a happy tale of "reuse", greenies everywhere rejoice. Instead of going to a landfill, I sold the remains of my iPod for $15 on ebay. Isn't the internet an amazing place. One day I can drop my iPod out of a window and demolish it, the next day I can sell it to someone?

If there's something I love, it's marketing statements that go too far. Like this one to the right. Ebay - the power of all of us?

I'm not sure if it's the power of all of us, but probably the power of "some of us" who are in the constant hunt for bargains, or... other motives


clyde said...

Who in the world would buy a busted i-pod? How did you even market it? Kudos for even coming up with the idea to sell it.

MiaKatia said...

I want to know why they bought a busted ipod too? I love your photoshop skills Dave.

david said...

ok you guys... you just have to know how to talk their language.

you tell them what happened, and why they can benefit from your misfortune. it also helps to understand your target audience.

who would buy a busted ipod? someone who wants the parts. someone who likes to tinker, someone who thinks they might be able to salvage it, or use a specific part, or is working on a project. so you write your ad to find that person.

as displayed:

Last week I accidentally knocked my iPod off the 8th story of a building. I picked up all the parts (see picture). Some of the parts (hard drive, battery) APPEAR like they could still work.

I figured I'd sell this for someone who likes to tinker with iPods, needs extra/spare parts on the cheap.... etc.

Not working. Broken. But all of the pieces. I'll even throw in the old case. My loss is your gain!

hook line and sinker.

Liz said...

"My loss is your gain!"

A standard sleezy salesman line. Nice work, David!

david said...

hey liz, i thought i made that up!


Lulu said...
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Lulu said...
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Lulu said...

lulu said...
here's an even worse tagline story. My company, the world's largest privately held real-estate developer, used to have the tagline:

Nakheel. Where the vision of Dubai gets built

now it is:

Nakheel. Where vision inspires humanity