thoughts on luck

The other evening Ashley and I gathered with some friends to eat at a very upscale, exclusive restaurant. As such warm, inviting ambiances often do - the finer things in life came up, more specifically - fond relics of our childhood.

More specifically, good luck charms.
More specifically, rabbit's feet.

Do you remember those hideous things? I could've sworn there was a time when I had at least six or seven of them, in the most unnatural colors. Pink, blue, green... perhaps dying them with outlandish colors cloaked the youthful owners from knowing the violent nature in which they were probably obtained.

But I digress...

This morning I put on a white hanes t-shirt. I have several of them that are plain, that I use to commute in. It also happened to be the same white shirt I was wearing when this happened.

How do I know it was the same one? It has several holes in the shoulder and hip where it served as the only material between me and asphalt.

Anyway, as I put the shirt on I thought, "Wouldn't it be crappy something if that happened again?

Well - I didn't get hit again, but I did fall off my bike with lovely results. I attempted to change lanes and a depression in the concrete had formed a formidable sized ridge for my bike to summit. Instead of going over it, my tires skidded along it and I took a tumble and got a few scratches on me elbow and a lovely souvenir captured below:

As a result, I think i'm going to sacrifice the t-shirt to the bicycle maintenance gods... it is destined to become greasy, oily, blackened, and will eventually be retired into a landfill somewhere. I'm not risking it again.

Do you guys believe in luck, or what?


Blythe said...

It had several holes in the shoulder...and you kept it?

I definitely vote for tossing that puppy out.

david said...

well... here's the thing. i just use them to ride to work in. once i'm there i change. they aren't "night out on the town" shirts.

MiaKatia said...

Have you ever seen one of those 20/20 type shoes where they look at the psychology of "luck". People who believe in luck (or in the principal that good things are going to happen to them) actually have more luck. They say it is because you notice more and are more open to good things happening to you. Which is a good thing because I do and always have believed in luck :) But oddly enough I am kind of worried about jinxes too, toss the shirt!

david said...

mia... what you're saying sounds eerily similar to "the secret"

and we all know that the secret is that the woman who made that up became a millionaire on a freaking ruse.


Liz said...

That's a lot of skin. I definitely didn't realize what I was getting myself into when I came to visit Pulsipher A.D. today.

I fully believe in luck. And I consider myself a lucky person. I've kept certain articles of clothing for years because something great happened to me while I was wearing them.

Toss the shirt.

And for crying out loud, if you insist on riding a bicycle everywhere you go, please don't hurt yourself doing it anymore. It's kind of discouraging to automobile commuters like myself.

david said...

liz, i thought about putting up a disclaimer... but then i figured, "hey, it's our blog, I can do whatever the hell I want on it"

[within reason]


1. yes, i do insist on riding my bike everywhere
2. i'm normally pretty careful
3. a little road rash is a small, VERY small price to pay for the amount of enjoyment i've gotten out of it.

mileage update, over 2,500 miles biked this year.

Jonah said...

I’ve always wanted to go to Roscoes! How was it?

Glad you’re okay. Maybe you should take the bus for a while.

david said...

rob... buses... BOO!

it was really minor, seriously. i just wanted an excuse to talk about luck

roscoes is ok. it's one of those places that people evangelize like crazy, for its kitsch value or something.

i was a total stick in the mud and got a chicken salad sandwich (pretty tasty) and came with a hearty plate of fries.

i don't know about the whole chicken and waffles concept, but the side of maccaroni and cheese was pretty amazing

Julia said...

First, congratulations David! Secondly, Ashley already knows this story, but it is worth sharing. I happily trashed my blue Kidsave shirt last summer after my second car accident in one week. Yes, I was wearing the same shirt both times I had my bad accidents...if it was not luck it was a sign to quit.

Serena Cherry said...

I've believed in luck ever since Dan Renalds (big crush) spoke to me every time I wore my lavender shirt in 9th grade. It became the first in a long line of lucky things. I never owned one of those hideous feet though.I was aware of the evils of bunny slaughtering. At least I thought I was. Come to think of it, I don't know if I have any lucky things left. Hmmm...well, I should get something. I still make wishes on the first star (nerdy, I know) and when I see a digital clock with all the same numbers, ie. 3:33 or 11:11.
I am glad you are tossing the shirt. Maybe we will send you a "lucky" shirt for a graduation present! Congratulations, by the way!

Liz said...

I was kidding about the showing skin thing. We're all friends here. And yes, you SHOULD do whatever the hell you want on your own blog.

And I was kidding about the injuries being discouraging to bike riding. You do actually make it sound fun and easy. If only it wasn't 20 miles uphill to work every day... I'm still waiting for a light rail along C-470.

Alison said...

ride on brother ride on.

david said...

liz... i was just kidding. we are on the same page... sarcasm is tough to transmit sometimes.

ok, so get a load of this - your trip is 20 miles uphill TO work... but think about the trip home. 20 miles downhill! what a dream!

thanks for the congrats julia and serena. if you need our address for graduation gifts, just ask.


Serena Cherry said...

What...you didn't recieve the roses I sent? Hmmm they must have gotten lost in the mail. We'll buy you a virgin pina colada in Mexico next year, how about that?
Did you hear that Brad Pitt is making an earth friendly hotel in Dubai? You should get in on that so I could meet Brad Pitt.

Angeler said...

You're graduating? I can't believe you've been out there for that long already. Congratulations!!

Can't wait to see the post on what's next for you Pultz's.

And yeah, toss the shirt and don't buy rabbit's feet. Pretty sure I figured out that scam when I was a kid and got thoroughly grossed out by them. I wouldn't even touch one.

MF said...

I think rabbit's feet are gross. Not half as gross, however, as pickled pigs feet. Now that's just nasty.
Think of it--if we carried around pigs feet for luck.
Don't worry about the shirt, wear it till it dies, then use it as something else. Ye olde saying: use it up, wear it out, make it do or do without. Don't make him throw the shirt away, haters.

Heather said...

Those shorts look...silky.

david said...

they are just gym shorts... nothing fancy there. in fact, i bought them from target for eleven dollars, probably close to 7 years ago. never spend a lot of money on gym shorts.

that being said, my little brother bought me some awesome ones for christmas a couple of years ago and you can certainly feel the difference. so... the jury's still out i suppose