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So the video David posted does not include the 20 minutes it took for me to actually jump. Even with every stranger at at semuc champey screaming and encouraging me to do it… I had a feeling it would take just that for me to jump into blogging, and it did. Forgive me for the delay. I can explain...

I heard an interview on the radio which seemed appropriate to me as I have been frantically searching for inspiration for my first blog entry. Edward Albee (wrote Who's afraid of Virginia Woolf) was almost hostile when someone asked him about what inspired his extraordinary plays. He said, "Everybody's brain is differently wired…We are not 'inspired' if we are a playwright, our brain takes the experience that everybody else has and turns it into a play."

It was a fascinating interview, but also a great way segue to this announcement: I am not wired to write blogs nor publishing my thoughts to the world. However, I am faithful blog reader and I appreciate all of you who take the time to write because I love hearing about your lives. Despite my hesitancy, I love my friends and family and want to share my life with those that I care about.

The following picture is one of my favorite recent moments. We are enjoying Karaoke with friends to celebrate a birthday. Among my favorites of the night was David's surprisingly accurate rendition of Rack Astley's "Never gonna give you up." We learned that he was a true fan when he nailed the part, "your hearts been aching, but you're too shy to say it." Please listen for it… its worth your time.
My shirt proved to be prophetic - I did make history that night

We got serious singing this Spanish lullabye

I wasn't Johnny Castle. She wasn't Baby. But we definitely had the time of our life.

We're not sure when our next performance will be, but we'd love some ideas for songs that will bring the house down. Also - a story or two about your favorite karaoke moments would certainly be relevant here.

Ashley & David


Blythe said...

Believe it or not, I've never done karaoke...and I';m sure I would LOVE it.

But I did watch the entire Astley video, which reconfirmed my belief that those trying to bring back high-waisted pants are in league with Satan.

Serena Cherry said...

Ha! That video was funny. It must be some sort of trend, because I received this link just a week ago: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NiaJyQOPbCU
Maybe you and David could make a mock video of Having the time of your lives. You could get millions of viewers and go down in mock video history! I think people really enjoy making up their own version of the 80's; hence the "you know you were a child of the 80's if..." forwards that I get once every 6 months ago. I wonder if Lane will make mock video of Rihana when she gets older. Anyway, enough rambling, I enjoyed the post! I have never karaoke'd but I really want to have a karaoke party with Andrew and some Korean's when he gets back!

Serena Cherry said...

PS Ashley, you look really cute in that top!

david said...

blythe, i can affirm that you would have the time of your life. no doubt.

in the mean time, keep practicing with your brood on rock band.

kolob said...

hmm... it will take a while to describe my favorite karaoke moment... good post Ashley!

MF said...

I went on a cruise with 28 people from EFY. Suffice it to say, we were a slightly energetic and amusing bunch. Nightly we would enter the dungeon of the karaoke bar, nearly all 28 of us.
My friend, who thought he was signing us up for a particular song(ie, Green Day's "Good Riddanc (Time of Your Life)")--not my choice, but obliged so as to actually get someone else up on the stage. He actually signed us up for the Jennifer Warnes/Bill Medley "Time of MY Life" from Dirty Dancing. It surprised us both.
All of the other people who were with us came out and did a huge dance that they learned that summer during it. It was magical.
And ridiculous.

MF said...

and, I spy Kimber N.

david said...

yes mike, you do spy her.

and kudos to you for knowing that we'd be such good friends with the nelsons.

i should include one of my favorite/recent karaoke moments:

we were wrapping up a halloween party, and sean young (
seen here) and I were serenading everyone who was cleaning up with a few wind-down ditties.

well, as luck would have it, it wound up on "you're making me high" by toni braxton.

i fondly remembered this video from my high school days, and relished the opportunity to relive those moments by singing the 1997 hit.

needless to say, my mind was a little blurry on some of the finer grains in the lyrics, namely this line (warning, slightly risque):

I'll always think of you
Inside of my private thoughts
I can imagine you
Touching my private parts

For some reason, the words "private parts" combined with my absolute surprise/delight/shock/horror" at the phrase sent me into hysterics. i was laughing on the ground, so hard.

definitely one of my favorite karaoke moments.

Mia said...

Ashley, welcome to the blog world! I don't sing, mostly for the safety and sanity of others. The only time I sing is with my kiddos and they know how off key I am and love me anyway...

Liz said...

I have never done karaoke. I don't have the guts, because I have a horrible voice.

But I don't let it stop me from watching karaoke whenever I have the chance. I may not be a good singer, but I am GREAT at ridiculing others.

My favorite karaoke-watching experience ever: last new year's eve at a bar in Malta. Alcohol + non-native english speakers = great karaoke.

Two highlights: A German guy in black leather pants sang "Can you Feel the Love tonight" and a tone deaf Maltese girl in a red velvet prom dress singing "the greatest love of all" by whitney houston. "No matter what they take from me, they can't take away my dignityyyyyyyy!" Yes they can, sister... they just did.

Matt and Jennae Porter said...

Nice, Ashley, you are awesome at Karaoke!! Love the videos. I have no voice and am totally tone deaf, but when I was pregnant with Savannah I was literally forced to get up and sing "Like a Virgin" with two of my other very pregnant friends at this Karaoke bar in Sedona, AZ. It was NOT pretty...

david said...

liz - ha - dignity. that is classic.

also, i must call you out on your cowardice. get up there! the world has yet to know the stylings of liz V!

mel said...

yeah Ash!! Welcome to the blogging world. As for Rick Astley that music video is Hi-lar-i-ous and nice rendition. As for kareoke not much experience except in Thailand- all tone def and i love what they THINK we are saying, example: Beatles "Let it be"- in my hour of sharpness, mother huhuh comes to me, speaking words of wisdom...LADY BOY!

Dawn D. Lion said...

Song I've sung in karoeke:
Band of Gold
I've got Chills (duet)
Islands in the Stream (duet)
Jesse's Girl
Bohemian Rapsody (with large group)

Songs I would like to sing:
Love is a Battlefield
You Spin Me (Right Round)
Goodbye Yellow Brick Road

And Blythe, I think that next time the sibs get together in Denver, karaoke should be on the agenda.