ask google how unique you are

The other day when I was supposed to be writing a paper, I googled my name to see what the fuss was all about. Granted, this wasn't the first time I had done this. But this time, something magical happened.

I found David Pulsipher, nothing interesting really:
David Pulsipher - 29 years old
Served an LDS Mission from March 1998-2000
Birthday - January 22, 1979

I found me right? WRONG. There is another David Pulsipher out there. Born on the EXACT same day as me. Does any one else find this completely astounding? Sure, you may share a name with someone, but what are the odds that they were born on the exact same day as you? Probably not that good.

It's probably a good thing that I don't work for the census bureau, because if I did then I could actually research all of the cockamamie questions I have over the course of the day.

While we're talking about the government... you know who works for the government. David Pulsipher. No, not me David Pulsipher, the other David Pulsipher who was born on January 22 1979.

How do I know his birthday? After I googled him - I sent him an email. Truth is, I actually remember meeting him in the MTC. I didn't remember having the same birthday though.

We exchanged a few emails, and I think we'll maintain a casual email correspondence. I may link to his family blog, just for fun.

I think you guys should all look for your name twins out there, get a hold of them, and then report back.

Without futher ado... I give you David Pulsipher.


Dawn D. Lion said...

I get Dawn Pulsipher, wife of BYU professer David Pulsipher, and mother of 4.

Mia said...

If I google my maiden name I get me, and lots of me. Now my married name is a whole other story. I get a British teen actress, the head coach of the Women's basketball team at Illinois Wesleyan University, and a Bahamian model. I also get lots of sites for soldiers who went missing in action with the last name of smith. Honestly, that is really weird that there is another DP who has your same birthday, crazy coincidence.

meghann said...

This is nuts, very very nuts. Is he not your long-lost cousin or something?

According to google I am super unique, the only one of my kind in fact. That makes me feel special, and potential dates get to learn lots and lots about me before taking me out, like that I made Dean's List once and ran for student congress and what my time for a ten-miler is.

aisy said...

my name twin found me last year. although she pronounced her name phonetically while mine was the gaelic way. we were born in the same year which i thought was also very odd. we kept in touch for a few months, but other than our names we had very little in common.

Erika Sullivan said...

Hi, I'm Serena Cherry's neighbor and friend Erika, I just was blog surfing and saw this entry and thought it was weird because my birthday is also January 22, but 1977. Who knew? And I am also Mormon and went to the MTC for a time...strange. Anyway, thought you'd like to know!

Anonymous said...

So I am now just getting back to the internet after a year and a half leave of absence. I like the blog and the opportunity to see with whom my sister has been co-living. Its interesting to see what my sister has been up to for the past year.
Its funny,Serena was telling me about how you found your name twin on google as I was on the computer trying to find myself on face book and I found that there were three pages of Rachel Potters... it was interesting to see their pictures. Some of them don't do justice to the name.... so I still don't know how to post this, so the easiest rout is to post this as anonymous.

Blythe said...

There are no other Blythe Barnhills, or Blythe Pulsiphers, born on my birthday or any other day. That's the beauty of having a really unique first names and two fairly unique last names. When you goggle my name it is almost entirely me, and mostly reviews I've written or authors quoting me.

There are, however, a couple of people with the last name of Blythe whom married a Barnhill, as well as a Barnhill Contractor who is building something in Blythe, SC.

Blythe said...

And Rachel (I assume you're Rachel), one of the facebook Rachel Potters you mention is my friend. She lives in Michigan.

Dave said...

So apparently the name "David Pulsipher" is much more common than I once thought. After blogging about the fascinating fact that two David Pulsiphers were born on the same day, I have heard of two more David Pulsiphers in our fine world. One who lives, in all places, India. Go figure.

Craig said...

There's a Craig Aaron Tovey who is a mathematics / engineering professor at Georgia Tech who wrote his dissertation on:

"Polynomial Local Improvement Algorithms in Combinatorial Optimization"

He got his bachelors from Harvard the year I was born... well, at least someone is making something of our name.

Liz said...

So weird to google yourself. Under my maiden name, I find mostly ancestry records from Elizabeth Sierer's that lived long ago. I also found that I used to work at Deloitte and a bunch of my race times.

Not much on my married name so far, but there is an Elizabeth Valdivieso who is a biology professor in Mexico who has written a lot of papers.

Susanna said...

David, cool blog. Cool life. Sounds like you're living large as ever. Ashley seems rad. We're in NYC, but hope to be back on the west coast soon. In the mean time, we've succumbed to the not very unique-but not brown and blue- blog. Being a girl gives you mulitple names to google. Other than myself under either name were obituaries. Pretty cool, I got to see how I die. Maybe I get to choose.

Matt and Jennae Porter said...

Ok, to me, that's just plain creepy. Same name, same birthday? Are you sure you're not twins separated at birth?! =) It was so great to see you guys last weekend. I'll email the picture to Ashley of the 4 of us.

Serena Cherry said...

There aren't any other Serena Cherry's (on the first page of google anyway) but I do remember when we were registered for our wedding, there was another Serena Cherry getting married around the same time as me. My name seems to be associated with baby bedding however, because there are all sorts of "serena" cribs made of "cherry" wood. I guess that is what you get with an unusual first name and a wood/fruit for a last name.

Disco Mom said...

Good post, dave. Only one Kari Younce out there as far as I can tell, but lots of Kari Hickmans - I think my favorite was the 1987 Miami County Fair Queen. It's not a true name twin, though, because Hickman's not my real name. Your David Pulsipher birthday story is amazingly freaky. I take birthday twins very seriously and actually it was a turning point when I found out Ed's birthday was the day after mine - started to see him a different way and you know where that led!