softerthan a lullabye...

...rocky mountain high!

Last week Ashley, George and I got back from a two week extravaganza in Colorado.  We were all over the state visiting our family.  We love going back to Colorado to visit our parents, grandparents, nieces/nephews, aunts/uncles, brothers/sisters and cousins.  It can be a tricky feat to balance all of that in one vacation schedule - but we pulled it off decently this last go around.  I had to work here and there throughout our stay so that made scheduling tricky.  Between "the Springs" and the Mountains we had a great stay and were so happy that George got to spend so much time with grandparents and cousins.
Here's Ashley, George and Grandma Potter in the front garden.  One of the Saturdays, we spent the entire day outside, mowing the lawn, pulling weeds, and watering the flowers.

George is really getting into the "cheese" phase with picture taking.  This is his cheese face.  I love it.

We also discovered a new treasure trove source of toys for George... garage sales.  We picked up a few toys that George immediately glued himself to.  He stayed outside and played on the porch, undisturbed for nearly an hour.

George got lots of cousin time. It was cousin Scarlett's birthday so we went out to a Japanese restaurant and.... I'd love to say that George's palate is distinguished enough to appreciate Japanese food at this time, but he was more interested in the fish tank than the cuisine.  Here's George with my sister Blythe's kids (left to right), Duncan, Abigail, Finn & Scarlett.

After city time we retreated to the mountains to meet up with my parents and my brother Ian and his family.  Here is George with his cousin Serena.  They were completely riveted by a documentary on the French and Indian War.  Our little history buffs!

Grandma Pulsipher has some serious wooden train tracks.  The transportation planner in me got a little carried away.

Look at this masterpiece.  Have you ever seen its equal?

We also got a lot of trampoline time in.  George is really good on the tramp, and one of his better abilities is to fully commit to a jump whether or not he has control of his body.

I like the mid-air shots... he was battling a little bit of a cough, we think he might have some sort of Colorado-induced allergies. It seems like every time we go back home, he starts to get a runny nose and other maladies.

I wanted to include this picture because its equal parts despair/cute.

On the trampoline, in the Rocky Mountains with cousin Serena, Uncle Ian, Grandma, and cousin Eva.  Pretty much the best place for a kid to jump on the tramp, in the world.

Our trip was a great success and it made us feel the pull of wanting to live near our family and friends who love us and George so much.  We hope you are all having a wonderful summer full of adventure.

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Serena Cherry said...

I loved these pictures, thanks for posting! That train track is really quite impressive. Wish we were there to hang out with you!